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In the android values of String, the special symbol if you want the normal display, need to escape, usually a general character can use \ to escape such as '\' "\"

The most commonly used now to speak briefly on a few characters of the other escape

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  • android special symbols displayed 2010-07-16

    In the android values of String, the special symbol if you want the normal display, need to escape, usually a general character can use \ to escape such as '\' "\" The most commonly used now to speak briefly on a few characters of the other esca

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    In the eclipse of the project is to use utf8 encoding, and then wrote a test class, in the main function to test the following method: System.out.println("Charset: " + Charset.defaultCharset().displayName()); System.out.println(System.getPropert

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    In a simple sort out all the special symbols on the keyboard in English pronunciation and, finally, the special symbols Portuguese English pronunciations. References see end of this article. ! Exclamation exclamation mark / bang ? Question mark quest

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    Like javascript, JAVA, some special characters need to escape Especially in the development of JSP pages, many programmers often forget this, Example: 1 <% List textList = (List) request.getAttribute ("textList");%> 2 <script> 3 <

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    Often in the javascript to handle the connection string problem, but if handled the string contains special symbols, such as dollar-sign, braces, etc., will appear in IE6 in contrary with the actual situation. For example: var count = 10; var str = "

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    In Flex's mxml includes some special occasions, we can not directly use HTML in general \ n, \ t, \ r, and other special symbols, we can only directly use ISO Latin-1 character set, that is, the control characters in HTML entities . By Flex help, we

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    A # (pound) 1, in the script file on line for comment. 2, in quotes and \ symbol not comment, but the # itself: echo "12 # hehe" echo '12 # hehe ' echo 12 \ # hehe 3, parameter substitution echo $ (PATH # *:) 4, the binary number conversion echo

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    1,> redirect output symbol Usage: command> file name Characteristics: Coverage (when the input file and output file is the same document in Pieces of content are empty; not suitable for continuous redirected) Typical Applications: Merge file (cat ab

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    Transfer data using Ajax, when the data exists in the plus sign (+), the connection operator (&) or the percent sign (%), the server-side data loss when receiving data. Analysis of the data transmission format Ajax Javascript syntax: 1. "+"

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    Transfer from: #: Comments, lines starting with # as the first comment Standard references and escape characters ("'\) can be used to escape # ; Command separator, can be used to write

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    Transfer: #: Comment lines begin with # as the first comment The standard quoting and escape characters ("'\) can be used to escape the # ; Command separator can be used to write multi

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    Access to data in the network, to prompt the user with a progress bar is loading data, the following talk about how I achieve this effect. As the Android interface updates the UI thread only through their own operation, so we need to use updated inte

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    Transfer from: `Backquote anti-quotation marks ~ Tilde ! Exclam @ At # Numbersign, English-speaking countries is a hash, American English is the pound, music for sharp, such as C # $ Dollar % Percent ^ Caret & Ampe

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    1. $! Record of open file handles error messages when 2. $ @ Eval capture error record 3. $ # Records array subscript max.

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    * Former unsigned: for all styles of the same name with this style of HTML tags to increase o If all give div {...} <div> </ div> increase Style * Former pound "#": the corresponding html tags in the id attribute, written for the # n

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    1. Point and echo used together function is wrapped Example 1 [output blank line] echo. 2> directional character [output] Redirect the output of the command [usually used to write the results file] Note nul null device> nul is used to mask output [s

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    Special symbols used 1, @ command line Shield character echo 2,% batch variables leading char 3,> redirection operator 4,>> redirection operator 5 ,<,>,<& redirector 6, | command pipe character 7, the ^ escape character 8, the combin

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    This paper study the properties of EditText (could not finish, while research and writing) First, the structure java.lang.Object ↳ android.view.View ↳ android.widget.TextView ↳ android.widget.EditText Direct Known Subclasses: AutoCompleteTextView, Ex

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    Reproduced: How to insert special symbols to the database. sql = "insert into webPageInfo (webAddrees, content) values ​​('" + thisURL +"','"+ Webtext +"')"; Webtext is the f