android sdk can not install the solution

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Do not know if you first install the android sdk deleted after the initial installation will occur when a problem is to install to have prompted the last 99% is probably meant. Then google about a solution we look at my experiment a success; The following is my solution: 1. Find the "temp" folder and you can find the "" or other files which you will update. (Open temp folder, find the "") 2.unzip it. (he decompression) you will find the "tools_r05-windows" and copy all the files in the file. which should be updated file . (to unzip the folder copy) 4.copy to the "tools" folder. (copied to the tools folder) 5.OK. solve the problem if we have the same problem can try if there is a better way, please Message

  • android sdk can not install the solution 2010-04-18

    Do not know if you first install the android sdk deleted after the initial installation will occur when a problem is to install to have prompted the last 99% is probably meant. Then google about a solution we look at my experiment a success; The foll

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    1. 安装SDK 下载Android SDK Tools only(不包含ADT和其他包),目前最新版本是r21,双击安装或者下载zip包直接解压到指定目录即可. 2. 安装Eclipse ADT plugin 下载最新版ADT,,在Eclipse中,点击Help->install new software->add 将压缩包的路径添加到源,然后选中刚刚添加的源,勾选要安装的Developer Tools,取消勾选Contact all update sites d

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    Android development, in ubuntu 9.10 I386 install SDK, NDK. Target: ubuntu 9.10 configure Eclipse to debug Android SDK, NDK <br> need software: Linux ubuntu 2.6.31-14-generic # 48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU / Linux Eclipse 3.5.1

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    Install Android SDK encountered Failed to rename directory E: \ Java \ Android SDK \ android-sdk_r06-windows \ android-sdk-windows \ tools to E: \ Java \ Android SDK \ android-sdk_r06-windows \ android-sdk- windows \ temp \ ToolPackage.old01 Such a p

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    Key skills and concepts l download the Android SDK l use the update feature in Eclipse l download, install and configure Eclipse's Android plug-in l Detection of PATH Statement Previous section, you have to download and install the main development e

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    The required development environment: JDK 5 or JDK 6 (not just JRE) Eclipse 3.5 (galileo) Download ADT's Eclipse plug-ins Install Eclipse plug-in (ADT) Start Eclipse, select Help> Install New Software, the d

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    Great difficulty busy working for the development, would like to start android development, before reloading the system, android default is installed in c drive to re-install the android, sdk Fortunately my files installed in the d disks. Click SDK S

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    eclispe install ADT plugin, you need to set the android sdk environment. In the 1.5 version of the extract can be used directly. However, after the 1.6 version of the settings will not find a direct unzip the file adb.exe. The solution is as follows:

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    Scouring the Internet today finally received to the "Android SDK development examples of documents" and "Android development started with the actual combat," it is exciting, so she stopped doing the hands of a project, spent an afterno

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    Heard of google earth without the permission by the China gev taken to its military bases (that is said to Noah's Ark in 2012, the construction of bases), so will google out of China. Thus shielding google some of the important IP address. android SD

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    SDK Installation Steps 1, the official website to download android-sdk installation files. 2, download, unzip, enter the file directory click 'SDK Setup.exe', to install. 3, during installation if prom

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    Original Detailed Android SDK 2.2 development environment Google Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, Google I / O 2010 General Assembly the next day (U.S. time morning of May 20th)

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    1. Download: This is a cup with the address, often the wall. If you do not want to over the wall, can enter the critical look at rp. 2. Install Six months ago, when installing android1.5 not so strenuous, e

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    Key skills and concepts l using the Android SDK documentation l using the Android SDK tools l use application examples l to understand the life cycle of Android applications Since you have already built good development environment, you can explore t

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    Install Android SDK 1. Download the Android SDK, go to download above can be had! 2. The SDK package moved to the installation directory, and then decompress, I was (/ usr / local /) 3, set the system variables, mac set u

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    Today, on their own computer to download android sdk, the next line down is the this document, unzip years after the eclipse is set sdk location for this position has prompted tools can not find adb.exe, an open really no!

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    This article describes the Android SDK installation process, including: Android SDK 2.2, Eclipse 3.5.2 (galileo), and Andoid Development Tools (ADT) plugin. The premise is that users have installed JDK5.0 or JDK 6.0. And set the system Path environme

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    Android ADT plugin configuration Create avd (Android Virtual Device) In android sdk 1.5 version of the future development, we must create at least one AVD, AVD Moni set for each virtual device to run Android platform, at least its core, the system im

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    1. Android SDK SDK installation package to install download and unzip, run setUp.exe If you experience Fail to fetch URL ..... error, need to HTTPS to HTTP mode approach, the SDK and AVD Manager window, select the left select the setting "force https

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    Transfer from: 1, first download the latest SDK 2.2 documentation, the need to turn - Wall download posted files directly address, you can use Thunder download: Windows version