Android emulator image description

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Android emulator image file description

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. Android emulator is used in open source projects Qemu, Qemu is a famous emulator under Linux

2. Kernel-qemu is the kernel image

3. Ramdisk.img is the file system, if you compile the android source code, it says
out / debug / target / product / generic / root, mount to the android's /

4. System.img main store system data, android starts to mount / system
It contains the contents of the out / debug / target / product / generic / system

5. In general we do not directly use userdata.img, but the use of, used to store user data, can read and write, android starts mount to / data. Only use-wipe-data parameter when will start the simulator is used userdata.img, it will use userdata.img content coverage userdata-qemu.img
userdata.img of content out / debug / target / product / generic / system

6. If you do not compile the android's source code, we can know ramdisk.img, system.img and userdata.img content.
1). View ramdisk.img content
terminal of the images into the sdk directory, the implementation of file *

Android emulator image description

I think you can see the ramdisk is a gzip file, we can extract the gzip file, unzip and then look back up before running in the terminal
localhost: images wuvincent $ gzip-d-S. img ramdisk.img
Then run
localhost: images wuvincent $ file ramdisk
Implementation will show this file is a cpio file, so that we can extract it to a directory, execute the following command sequence
localhost: images wuvincent $ mkdir ramdiskdir
localhost: images wuvincent $ cd ramdiskdir
localhost: ramdiskdir wuvincent $ cpio-idmv <.. / ramdisk
We can see into the ramdiskdir ramdisk.img the content.
The most important of several file init init.rc init.goldfish.rc
2). View system.img and userdata-qemu.img content
terminal in the tools directory into the sdk running adb shell
localhost: tools wuvincent $ adb shell
adb server is out of date. killing ...
* Daemon started successfully *
And then run cd / and ls-l, the implementation of the following results:

Android emulator image description

We can see ramdisk.img mount to /, init init.rc init.goldfish.rc in / directory.
The / system directory after that system.img mount, / data is post-userdata-qemu.img mount directory, you can enter to see the content.

We can also run the mount command in the terminal view the file system mount case.

Note: do not know why, suddenly become a traditional input method of the, please forgive me.

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