Android documentation decompile

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Android documentation decompile

Made by Li Wendong [email protected]

2010-12-13 Monday in Beijing

A, decompile flowchart

Android documentation decompile

Second, tools to use (command)


Suppose I am working directory for the $ AndroidDecompile, first of all to system.img in (or compiled from source code) of several important odex files are copied to the working directory, they are: core.odex, ext.odex, framework . odex, android.policy.odex, services.odex (also can be placed in another directory, by setting BOOTCLASSPATH specified, the default is the current directory, please refer to baksmali on BOOTCLASSPATH help information.)

Download the following tools to $ AndroidDecompile in:




JD-GUI (Java Decompile GUI): <!--[ if! supportNestedAnchors ]--><!--[ endif] ->



Suppose we have an application, compile the class file after it took out alone, that there are two files app.apk and app.odex, place them on the next $ AndroidDecompile.

1. Odex file using baksmali.jar the document is divided into smali

$ Java-jar baksmali-1.2.5.jar-x app.odex

If successful, will generate a $ AndroidDecompile out directory, which are to ". Smali" for the file name suffix, in this role does not go into these files.

2. Use smali.jar the out / directory smali files into classes.dex

$ Java-Xmx512M-jar smali-1.2.5.jar out-o classes.dex

classes.dex Dalvik VM is used in the compiled class file format, in the normal apk file will have.

3. Use dex2jar classes.dex decompiled the jar file

After the download dex2jar compressed codecs, which will have (and dex2jar.bat) files, documents and if classes.dex in the same directory, use the following ways classes.dex decompiled jar File:

$ classes.dex

If successful, it will generate in the current directory, compiled files anti-classes.dex.dex2jar.jar.

dex2jar dex files that can be manipulated, you can directly manipulate apk file, it uses rules:

dex2jar file1.dexORapk file2.dexORapk ...

4. Using the JD-GUI view the anti-compiled jar file

JD-GUI is a visual Java decompiler code viewer, it can be real-time anti-compiled java class file to view the file. Jd-gui extract the downloaded file, perform directory jd-gui executable file to start and then load the previous step in the anti-compiled classes.dex.dex2jar.jar files.

5. From odex classes.dex anti-compiled files and other resources re-packaged into a complete apk

We assume that the above situation is the application compiled class files from apk file is stripped out, here is how to do the steps above to get the classes.dex and apk file in other re-packaged into a usable apk.

First, the anti-compiled classes.dex and original app.apk (excluding classes.dex) re-compressed into a complete app.apk (apk file compression tools available to open), into the app that will classes.dex . apk in.

Unzip the downloaded file AutoSign, you can see signapk.jar (there are a Sign.bat) file, execute the following command to app.apk file signature, to generate a working apk file.

$ Java-jar signapk.jar testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8 app.apk app_signed.apk

6. Apktool use

There is a tool the Internet is apktool, apk can be resolved, de-compile the resource file, and parse the class file into smali documents; while the files can be parsed into a re-packaged apk. Several features and tools described above is similar to its use as follows:

apktool d app.apk and decompile app.apk to the folder and

apktool b app from the app folder, re-APK, output to ABC \ dist \ out.apk

The specific use will not go, please refer to the official website, or:

7. My $ AndroidDecompile screenshot files directory

Android documentation decompile

Third, a number of tools to help information

1. Baksmali help information

usage: java-jar baksmali.jar [options] <dex-file>

disassembles and / or dumps a dex file

-?,-- Help Prints the help message then exits.

-B, - no-debug-info Specify twice for debug options

don't write out debug info (. local,

. Param,. Line, etc.)

-C, - bootclasspath <BOOTCLASSPATH> The bootclasspath jars to use, for

analysis. Defaults to

core.jar: ext.jar: framework.jar: andro

id.policy.jar: services.jar. If the

value begins with a:, it will be

appended to the default

bootclasspath instead of replacing it

-D, - bootclasspath-dir <DIR> The base folder to look for the

bootclasspath files in. Defaults to

the current directory

-F, - code-offsets Add comments to the disassembly

containing the code offset for each address

-L, - use-locals Output the. Locals directive with

the number of non-parameter

registers, rather than the. register

-O, - output <DIR> Directive with the total number of register

the directory where the disassembled

files will be placed. The default is out

-P, - no-parameter-registers Use the v <n> syntax instead of the

p <n> syntax for registers mapped to

method parameters

-R, - register-info <REGISTER_INFO_TYPES> Print the specificed type (s) of

register information for each

instruction. "ARGS, DEST" is the

default if no types are specified.

Valid values are:

ALL: all pre-and post-instruction registers.

ALLPRE: all pre-instruction registers

ALLPOST: all post-instruction registers

ARGS: any pre-instruction registers

used as arguments to the instruction

DEST: the post-instruction

destination register, if any

MERGE: Any pre-instruction register

has been merged from more than 1

different post-instruction register

from its predecessors

FULLMERGE: For each register that

would be printed by MERGE, also show

the incoming register types that

were merged

-S, - sequential-labels Create label names using a

sequential numbering scheme per

label type, rather than using the

bytecode address

-V, - version Prints the version then exits

-X, - deodex Deodex the given odex file. This

option is ignored if the input file

is not an odex file

2. Smali help information

usage: java-jar smali.jar [options] [-] [<smali-file> | folder] *

assembles a set of smali files into a dex file

-?,-- Help prints the help message then exits. Specify twice for

debug options

-O, - output <FILE> the name of the dex file that will be written. The default

is out.dex

-V, - version prints the version then exits

3. Auto-sign with the help of information

SignApk.jar is a tool included with the Android platform source bundle.

testkey.pk8 is the private key that is compatible with the recovery image included in this zip file

testkey.x509.pem is the corresponding certificate / public key


java-jar signapk.jar testkey.x509.pem testkey.pk8

4. Apktool help information

Apktool v1.3.2 - a tool for reengineering Android apk files

Copyright 2010 Ryszard Wi? Niewski <[email protected]>

Apache License 2.0 (

Usage: apktool [-v | - verbose] COMMAND [...]


d [ecode] [OPTS] <file.apk> [<dir>]

Decode <file.apk> to <dir>.


-S, - no-src

Do not decode sources.

-R, - no-res

Do not decode resources.

-D, - debug

Decode in debug mode. Check project page for more info.

-F, - force

Force delete destination directory.

-T <tag>, - frame-tag <tag>

Try to use framework files tagged by <tag>.

- Keep-broken-res

Use if there was an error and some resources were dropped, eg:

"Invalid config flags detected. Dropping resources", but you

want to decode them anyway, even with errors. You will have to

fix them manually before building.

b [uild] [OPTS] [<app_path>] [<out_file>]

Build an apk from already decoded application located in <app_path>.

It will automatically detect, whether files was changed and perform

needed steps only.

If you omit <app_path> then current directory will be used.

If you omit <out_file> then <app_path> / dist / <name_of_original.apk>

will be used.


-F, - force-all

Skip changes detection and build all files.

-D, - debug

Build in debug mode. Check project page for more info.

if | install-framework <framework.apk> [<tag>]

Install framework file to your system.

Additional info for, See:

IV References

1. Smali

2. ApkTool

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