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  • [Android Development] View of the Chinese more 2010-11-29

    View details of the Chinese

  • Tour Links Android development: view layout and practice of several 2010-12-09

    Our applications run on the Android principle and layout files can be described with a deeper awareness and understanding, and with the "Hello World!" Program to practice proved. Continue to develop in-depth Android trip, it is necessary to solv

  • Configuration android development environment 2010-03-29

    Heard about google's android programmers salary is high ah. Today, interest in try. Then install the development environment. Still using MyEclispe6.5. To install android development of plug-ins. So, after I finished writing directly to Chinese. 1. H

  • Android development environment to build Record 2010-03-29

    Android development environment to build is actually very simple, need time to pay attention in the development of some of the details. In this paper, a running account, in the form of record of the author Installation and Configuration Android devel

  • Android development environment for building Record 2010-03-08

    Construction of Android development environment is simple, requires some attention to detail in the development time. This article records the author in the form of a running account configuration Android development environment installed encountered

  • Classic android development site 2010-04-22

    [Android Chinese original order] android development of the classical site (2010-02-26 01:29:19) Reprinted 1, the official website, including android branch version and handset manufacturers website 1.Android - an open handset alliance project http:/

  • Android Development Environment (Introduction) 2010-05-10

    Software to be installed: 1.jdk 6 2.Eclipse 3.4 3.Android SDK 1.0 4.ADT (Android's Eclipse plug-in) The first step: download the software needed to install jdk, unzip Eclipse and Android SDK. Step Two: Configure environment variables, the Android SDK

  • Introduction android development (change) 2010-05-24

    Environmental structures Before you begin, you need to prepare the following environmental and procedural Necessary Microsoft Windows XP / Microsoft Windows Vista operating system Android SDK 1.1r1 Java Development Kit (JDK) v6.0 or above eclipse-jee

  • android development must-see resource URL 2010-05-24

    Must see collection of some android development resources, will continue to add: Google Android Development official website Google Android Group developed Official Forum stackoverflow.com famous Android Forum Android Open Source Project Android sour

  • Android development platform is an open platform, which is located in the top four application development framework, will inevitably involve Android components. This article will explain to you Android components. 2010-06-28

    Android development platform is an open platform, which is located in the top four application development framework, will inevitably involve Android components. This article will explain to you Android components. Component (Component), referring to

  • Android Development Journey: Intents and Intent Filters (theoretical part) 2010-07-30

    Introduction Most of the mobile device platform applications running in their own sand box. Mutual isolation between them, and strictly limit the application and the hardware and the interaction between the original components. We know how important

  • Android Study Notes (2) - build Android development platform 2010-08-31

    Eclipse + Android SDK First, download the Eclipse http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/ Select Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (85 MB) version Second, download the Android SDK http://developer.android.com/sdk/download.html?v=android-sdk-windows-1.1_r1.zi

  • android list view component ListView Xiangjie 2010-09-03

    ListView android development in a more common component of the form it displayed a list of specific content, and adaptive to the length of the data shows. Find time to make use of the ListView do organize, and write a small example, as shown below. L

  • Android Development logcat tools 2010-09-03

    Android logcat is a command-line tool can be used to obtain information on the program log. logcat use as follows: logcat [options] [filterspecs] logcat options include: -S set up filters, for example, specify '*: s' -F <filename> output to a file,

  • Android development environment on the Construction of Methods 2010-10-05

    Transfer from: http://blog.csdn.net/ecaol/archive/2010/03/24/5410915.aspx This method is suitable for Android SDK 2.1 application development environment Install JDK • In the java.sun.com download and install • JDK in the "System Properties" and

  • Android Development How to use Google map 2010-10-09

    Since google 06 Since it entered China on a map, moving developments in the field several times the speed of growth every year basically. Android platform in the latest related applications, if they can understand our google map will be a great help

  • Android Development (a) Android structures. HelloWorld 2010-10-09

    Eye, Android has finally commenced. Live out the teacher lesson Chengyou Li speaker, lectures detailed and smooth. Meticulous summary of his program to, then I do not have time and energy to the. Also concluded a framework, though a box, but if looke

  • Android development experience (b) - android layout management and common components 2010-10-15

    Android by learning a few days, probably with a little doorway, spent some time today to visit the remote control interface of the client to write out, of course, only an appearance, but the landing did not add specific handling of the event tomorrow

  • [Android development] how to achieve the menu / button in the bottom of the screen 2010-11-29

    [Android development] how to achieve the menu / button in the bottom of the screen? Our development of the time, Weiliaomeiguan, often need to the menu or a button, or a custom of the things into the screen Dibu, if Women use absolute positioning, th

  • Links Android Development Tour: See Hello World! 2010-12-09

    After several articles on the principles of Android applications to talk, now we will probably look back. First, we use a Hello World program introduces Android application's directory structure, including the src folder, gen folder, Android x folder