android called attention to the layout file

2010-05-15  来源:本站原创  分类:Mobile  人气:196 the layout layout files under, must be 0-9 characters, must be all lowercase

  • android called attention to the layout file 2010-05-15 the layout layout files under, must be 0-9 characters, must be all lowercase

  • Android TitleBar custom title bar layout 2010-11-16 Android TitleBar custom title bar layout Many users find themselves TitleBar Android program title bar area is very monotonous, if you want to personalize some of the following methods

  • Solution under the open layout because the layout file eclipse die 2010-07-08

    Solution under the open layout because the layout file eclipse die Directly in the eclipse to open the layout file android eclipse will die. The real reason is jdk, I updated the jdk 1.5 into 1.6 no problem.

  • [构建Android缓存模块](二)Memory Cache & File Cache 2012-12-02

    转载声明:Ryan的博客文章欢迎您的转载,但在转载的同时,请注明文章的来源出处,不胜感激! :-) 上节课我们讲到普通应用缓存Bitmap的实现分析,根据MVC的实现原理,我将这个简单的缓存实现单独写成一个模块,这样可以方便以后的使用,对于任意的需求,都属于一个可插拔式的功能. 之前提到,这个缓存模块主要有两个子部件: Memory Cache:内存缓存的存取速度非常惊人,远远快于文件读取,如果没有内存限制,

  • Learning textView android layout file 2011-05-25

    1. Layout_weight -----------> control the layout of the total share of the parent android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_height="fill_parent"> <TextView android:text="Bu

  • Android security and permissions ① ---- ShareUserId and file access (File Access) - Security and Permission 2010-12-10

    About SharedUserId summary: We know that in general each app has a unique linux user ID, the permissions to be set so that the application's files are only visible to the user, only the application itself can be seen, and we can make them for other v

  • About Custom View to the layout file and can not capture onFling events ScrollView 2010-10-10

    After the failure of countless wounds, I found that if you want to customize the layout of the xml file in the View tab of the display in your View class must implement a constructor, it contains two parameters Context and AttributeSet For example: p

  • Android Development notes 6: Save the File the data storage 2010-09-01

    Android's data storage are about several ways: 1, Shared Preferences: xml format of the key pair can only be used to store basic data types 2, File: File Storage 3, SQLite: Android comes with a database storage 4, network storage The following introd

  • [Android] of Sax parsing Rss xml file, encountered an error not well-formed 2010-09-12

    As the sax is a trigger-style parsing xml stream systems in handheld devices, has widespread applications. Android applications in development, naturally tend to choose a sax to parse the xml. Doing a rss applications, need to resolve the r

  • android: MATCH_PARENT what type of layout 2010-09-15

    Some netizens said that for many of the works appear in the layout of the MATCH_PARENT felt did not understand the past, only FILL_PARENT and WRAP_CONTENT match_parent in the end so what type? In fact, starting from the Android 2.2 FILL_PARENT rename

  • Android Error: Unable to open class file 2010-11-20

    Original You've just installed Eclipse, and attempted to create your first Android Application. When clicking create, you see an error similar to this: "Error: Unable to open class file R.

  • One of android Data storage: Data storage using file 2010-12-07

    One. First to tell you how to use the data file storage, Acitivity provides openFileOutput () method can be used to output data to a file, the specific implementation process and in the J2SE environment, save the data to the file is the same. public

  • Android study notes the AndroidManifest.xml file parsing 2010-12-26

    AndroidManifest.xml is that each program must file android. It is located in the root directory of application, describing the package to the global data, including a package of components exposed (activities, services, etc.), their respective implem

  • android little attention 2010-04-26

    1. How to avoid the switch to open the keyboard or the screen anyway, active resume? The activity in androidmanifest.xml label to join the property android: configChanges = "orientation | keyboardHidden" Then overloaded onConfigurationChanged (C

  • Android in the TextView display html file in the image of the null value problem 2010-09-06

    Recently modify the previous code, has been using TextView display Html files, usually in the introduction are used Html.fromHtml Zhegefangfa to display, and search a lot for Display html file in the img format images of the article, Jie Shao, have T

  • android blog attention 2010-09-15!F408F266382E09FE!799&_c11_BlogPart_BlogPart=blogview&_c=BlogPart

  • Android - detect the presence of TXT file, double-byte characters 2010-10-19

    Read double-byte characters, mainly related to the selection of code: public static boolean isRightfulTXT(File f) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub String regexp="[^\\x00-\\xff]";// Double-byte characters Pattern p=Pattern.compile(regexp); tr

  • android control procedures set in Layout horizontal or vertical center 2010-10-27

    To get the level of your control center or vertical center is actually very simple, as long as the upper level of the control set [android: gravity = "center" attribute to] Such as: <LinearLayout xmlns: android = "

  • Android运行时异常"Binary XML file line # : Error inflat 2015-03-13

    在原生Android下编译APK,编译没有问题,但是在运行的时候经常出现如标题所描述的异常,然后整个程序Crash掉...... 我遇到该问题常常都是因为修改了资源文件所引起,大致有以下几种方式来解决: 1. 引用类名问题:自定义了一个View,将他用于布局文件中,假设他的包名叫MyPackage,类名叫MyTestView,这个时候你在XML作为布局元素来布局的话,必须使用完整路径名,也就是包名加类名来引用,用MyPackage.MyTestView来进行引用. 2.构造函数问题:自定义一个V

  • android 自定义组件 在 graphical layout 不显示的问题 2014-03-31