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"Semi-mercerized" and "all silk" distinction. Should be the effect of cellulose in caustic soda. Cellulose I into how much the amount of cellulose Ⅱ. Or the fabric section at the electron microscope. The fiber cross-section deformation of swelling from the kidney into the percentage of high and low round is different from the yarn fabrics, in theory and practice, all evidence of the swelling to fully make the loosely packed condition. Alkali time must be kept for more than 5 min. General-tight up to the amount of caustic soda mercerization process 240 ~ 260 g / L, but the fabric in tension of the condition. Lye difficult and surface only through the core, the role of between 45 ~ 60 s time. So. Compact-type alkali treatment process of the swelling effect, "not through another uneven." In addition to increasing the fabric sheen, barium values, other important functions, such as lower caustic soda, dyes consumption; reduce shrinkage, improve the product width; to improve the uniformity of dyeing, are not full. However, the use of loosely packed cotton mercerization process 180 g / L caustic soda concentration: hemp and blended fabrics are 160 ~ 180g / L, the technology index is much better than compact-type Mercerization results proved using 180 g / L caustic soda content is not "semi-mercerized": the use of 260 g / L caustic soda is not that "all silk." Mercerization is loosely packed "all silk" process.
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