AJAX, only requests that the server once

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Temporarily add a random number to the URL parameter. . .

xmlHttp = createAjax ();
var url = "ReferenceWorkNo? flg = checkWorkNo & workNo =" + workNo;
var d = new Date ();
var rdm = d.getTime ();
url = url + '& rdm =' + rdm;
url = encodeURI (url);

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    Temporarily add a random number to the URL parameter. . . xmlHttp = createAjax (); var url = "ReferenceWorkNo? flg = checkWorkNo & workNo =" + workNo; var d = new Date (); var rdm = d.getTime (); url = url + '& rdm =' + rdm; url = encode

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    1. From the front page to send Ajax requests to the server side. Code function QueryList(no){ var url="getXML.do"; var pars="pageNo="+no; var ajax=new Ajax.Request(url,{ method:'get', parameters:pars, onComplete:showResponse }); <Ty

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    The principle simply by Ajax XmlHttpRequest object to send asynchronous requests to the server, access to data from the server, and then use javascript to manipulate the DOM and update the page. This is one of the most crucial step is to request data