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Adblock Plus Filter Uploader 网站 :

Uploads the filters from your Adblock Plus installation to a FTP (HTTP, HTTPS) server...

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  • Adblock Plus Filter Uploader 2008-09-19

    Adblock Plus Filter Uploader 网站 : Uploads the filters from your Adblock Plus installation to a FTP (HTTP, HTTPS) server... 已更新 2008 年 06 月 16 日 下载地址 授权协议: 未知 操作系统:

  • Struts and Hibernate Integration Session and Transaction will be placed in Filter 2009-08-02

    HibernateSessionFactory modify file (this file is from the Hibernate help complete the move of our own): Add the following: private static final ThreadLocal trthreadLocal = new ThreadLocal ();// Services thread / ** * Open Services * / public static

  • js photos slide effect to write (css of the filter effect) 2009-09-17

    W3c standards are aware of the cancellation filter of css attributes the slide to show the same results, little research has been about using js to achieve a few simple slide effect. Continue to study the effect of a number of other slides, such as b

  • Gzip optimize the use of web applications (filter to achieve) 2009-10-24

    Previously used filter, which is shielding about restricted access to the path of resources to address the issue under the Chinese characters, in fact, optimization of web applications in filter also has an excellent Make application , we can use the

  • Reptiles how to filter web content 2010-03-29

    Reptiles how to filter web content? It should be used htmlparser 1, Introduction htmlparser is a pure java library written in html parsing, it does not depend on any other java library files, mainly for modification or extracting html. It provides th

  • struts1 the configuration of multiple filter 2010-03-29

    Web.xml configuration, on the url-pattern that I took a point of enthusiasm, concluded that the url-pattern is the IE address bar of the URL, not relative WEN-INF relative path, if you want to block WEB-INF folder under the JSP page, then, <url-patte

  • The implementation of the order of FILTER 2010-03-29

    filter implementation of the order of records, only to stay in the memory. 1, the program will be released when the filter in the implementation of the init () method. Second, when the matching url appears, according to the configuration of web.xml i

  • Lucene Filter search results to improve the performance of filter 2010-03-29

    The day before the study how to improve the lucene search speed, more than 200 W of index data search results 50W when it took about 10s or so, although the search results already cache, but the first time a query is still very slow. Was mainly due t

  • Filter Dialog 2010-03-29

    Filter your search: import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.LabelProvider; import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.TreeViewer; import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.Viewer; import org.eclipse.jface.viewers.ViewerFilter

  • September 2, 2007 workshop the afternoon of the beginning of pre-polymer-efficient air filter cut 2010-03-29

    Prefilter Air Filters Tags: Prefilter Air Filters Prepolymer Prefilter Air Filters switch sealing failure to explore the production line most of the key equipment imported from Germany, pre-polymer-efficient air filter with the beginning of a domesti

  • Sintering of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Efficiency Air Filters 2010-03-29

    Medium Efficiency Air Filter February 2010 26 Japan-China-efficient network efficiency air filters air filter expert on the efficiency of air filters in the latest report: effect of sintered stainless steel mesh filter cylindrical air filter efficien

  • Hibernate how to use the filter 2010-03-29

    @ Entity @ Table (name = "T_SEN_DISABILITY_TYPE") When using the filter also need to define the filter parameters. name for the filter name, parameters for the filter parameter, @ ParamDef for the parameter definition, which it is appOrCase (par

  • hibernate filter 2010-03-29

    <hibernate-mapping> <class name="" table="HO_ProductCategory" catalog="HO"> <id name="id" type="java.lang.Integer"> <column name="Id"

  • Filter paper Gadgets (edited) 2010-03-29

    Filter content of the document gadgets - perfected For the sake of safety, the general does not allow anonymous users. Therefore, the repository \ conf directory svnserve.conf file anon-access = read, and anon-access = write with the # comment out, a

  • Imitation mina filter sample 2010-04-12

    On the filter, basically through the cor model instance, the famous servlet filter. For the cor mode, Chain of Responsibility pattern cor improve it very clear. Mina of the filter according to the results achieved, to write a small sample to demonstr

  • A small anti-image filter Daolian 2010-04-13

    A small anti-Daolian image filter, Huancou He can use the following public class ImageRedirectFilter implements Filter ( public void init (FilterConfig config) throws ServletException ( ) public void doFilter (ServletRequest req, ServletResponse res,

  • A replacement filter sensitive word 2010-04-21

    A filter sensitive to the word filter, reading to learn, and summary of: Principle is that the content output to response time, response will be cached in the filter to replace, and then output to the client browser. Because the default response shou

  • Filter all HTML TAG code (regular expressions) 2010-02-12

    New Year's first task at work, responsible copied from the word in the content filtering out format (that is, filter out HTML tag), the use of js to achieve, in the paste key is pressed when the event trigger filter. Details of the code is as follows

  • Ext.ComboBox local mode fuzzy filter 2010-02-27

    Learn Ext friends may be aware, there is Ext2.0 the Ext.form.ComboBox properties typeAhead can make combobox in the user input at the same time according to the data has been bound pop-up some tips, but these tips do not have the fuzzy filtering func

  • Testing web pages load processing time (1)-Filter to achieve 2009-01-07

    This week, a job is to write a test page load time-consuming procedures. A beginning was simply no such concept, the next went to the online search-related information and found that there are about three ways: 1.Filter implementation, the use of fil