Accessing WebLogic Server MBeans with JMX (c)

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Example: Monitoring Servlets

import java.util.Hashtable;
import javax.naming.Context;
public class MonitorServlets {
   private static MBeanServerConnection connection;
   private static JMXConnector connector;
   private static final ObjectName service;
// Initializing the object name for DomainRuntimeServiceMBean
   // so it can be used throughout the class.
   static {
      try {
         service = new ObjectName(
      }catch (MalformedObjectNameException e) {
         throw new AssertionError(e.getMessage());
   * Initialize connection to the Domain Runtime MBean Server
   public static void initConnection(String hostname, String portString,
      String username, String password) throws IOException,
      MalformedURLException {
      String protocol = "t3";
      Integer portInteger = Integer.valueOf(portString);
      int port = portInteger.intValue();
      String jndiroot = "/jndi/";
      String mserver = "";
JMXServiceURL serviceURL = new JMXServiceURL(protocol, hostname,
         port, jndiroot + mserver);
      Hashtable h = new Hashtable();
      h.put(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, username);
      h.put(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, password);
      connector = JMXConnectorFactory.connect(serviceURL, h);
      connection = connector.getMBeanServerConnection();
   * Get an array of ServerRuntimeMBeans
   public static ObjectName[] getServerRuntimes() throws Exception {
      return (ObjectName[]) connection.getAttribute(service,
   * Get an array of WebApplicationComponentRuntimeMBeans
   public void getServletData() throws Exception {
      ObjectName[] serverRT = getServerRuntimes();
      int length = (int) serverRT.length;
      for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {
         ObjectName[] appRT =
            (ObjectName[]) connection.getAttribute(serverRT[i],
         int appLength = (int) appRT.length;
         for (int x = 0; x < appLength; x++) {
            System.out.println("Application name: " +
              (String)connection.getAttribute(appRT[x], "Name"));
            ObjectName[] compRT =
               (ObjectName[]) connection.getAttribute(appRT[x],
            int compLength = (int) compRT.length;
            for (int y = 0; y < compLength; y++) {
               System.out.println("  Component name: " +
                 (String)connection.getAttribute(compRT[y], "Name"));
               String componentType =
                  (String) connection.getAttribute(compRT[y], "Type");
               if (componentType.toString().equals("WebAppComponentRuntime")){
                  ObjectName[] servletRTs = (ObjectName[])
                     connection.getAttribute(compRT[y], "Servlets");
                  int servletLength = (int) servletRTs.length;
                  for (int z = 0; z < servletLength; z++) {
                     System.out.println("    Servlet name: " +
                     System.out.println("       Servlet context path: " +
                     System.out.println("       Invocation Total Count : " +
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
      String hostname = args[0];
      String portString = args[1];
      String username = args[2];
      String password = args[3];
MonitorServlets s = new MonitorServlets();
      initConnection(hostname, portString, username, password);
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