A navigation upgrade on oracle

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Some time ago to install oracle, but only 10.0.1 version of the machine, and then listening to staff suggestions, put it through the upgrade package to upgrade to 10.0.4.

Annex is how the upgrade process.

  • A navigation upgrade on oracle 2010-11-22

    Some time ago to install oracle, but only 10.0.1 version of the machine, and then listening to staff suggestions, put it through the upgrade package to upgrade to 10.0.4. Annex is how the upgrade process.

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    Due to the need to upgrade the Oracle version - ", upgrade to obtain a package, need to use xmanger. Set as follows: Switch to the oracle user # Su - oracle Set the DISPLAY environment variable if it is directly connec

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    Oracle rac database upgrade in the production of large and small have been done many times in the production database upgrade operation is different from the test environment, upgrade the production database on the test of the dba of the anti-stress,

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    Customer database from the upgraded to, some applications of the sort function of the affected, the reasons for the 8I versions such as GROUP BY or DISTINCT statements will automatically be sorted, to the post-10G version of the

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    One problem has been confused for a long time, the upgrade crs, the case failed. RAC joke this thing could not be opened. This test is done on the linux platform, the production database operations need to be cautious. 1. Upgrade to the previous back

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    That is, on the basis of the version of the installed PSU, the PSU (Patch Set Update) is based on the version of the first one cumulative patch set (Bug 9352237) , a total of 94 fixed bug, and has been incl

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