8 priceless Wordpress Plugin

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This article is another one of my translation work, introduces a few good Wordpress plug-in. If reproduced, please note the address to retain the original and translation.

8 priceless Wordpress Plugin

Analysis: Jon Translation: William Long

Wordpress is a very popular free web site content management software, but at the same time, if you want for your web site to provide a good platform, then the default Wordpress needs to add some custom features. The easiest way is to plug-in. Just some special files into Wordpress installation directory, you can get new features. Here are eight absolute value for money of the Wordpress plug-in.


WP Shortstat

Jeff Minard developed by WP-Shortstat, is a simple Web site statistics software "Shortstat" migrate to Wordpress. If you are a OS X user, you can download the WP-Shortstat Widget Desktop Edition.


Get Custom

Wordpress new users often ask me, "how to annex it into the article?", The default Wordpress does not provide such functionality, but it provides a method. In Wordpress you can use the "Custom Fields" to paste the custom data, Scott Reilly's "Get Custom" plug-ins can easily do this.


WP Cache Inspect

Wordpress 2 has built a very good caching system, but there are some minor problems, it sometimes you do not need to cache some of the cached information. For example, when you re-design your site part time, no matter how many times you refresh the page, you find no change. Peter Westwood's WP Cache Inspect allows you at any time to manually clear the cache need.



John Gruber's Markdown plug-in development, can prevent some of the HTML code you wrote in your article, it saves time, for example, it can use an asterisk, brackets, rather than continuing to use HTML tags, you can easily create a super- links, boldface, declared yesterday son, etc., Markdown is to use Perl to write the beginning, but later converted to Wordpress by Michel Fortin plug-ins.


WP Pagenavi

The default installation of Wordpress in operation when a large number of articles, use the "last one" and "Next" to page navigation, Lester Chan's WP Pagenavi development can allow you to add page numbers in the article to link to multiple pages, which will Browse many articles when the page easier.



Now the right time to say no to spam. When you have a great Blog traffic, you may receive hundreds of daily spam messages. Use Akismet to mean that you will never see these messages had, Akismet Wordpress in all systems enabled by default. (Akismet spam message will be logged to a central server database, and to capture spam, after you enable Akismet not only help themselves, but also to help others)


WP Related Entries

Alexander Malov's WP Related Entries plugin is a plugin automatically display related posts, it's loaded and running is completely automatic, by comparing the contents of the article automatically generated links to relevant documents, which means it may be a little bit of small errors. Of course, 95% of the time it will show the reader interested in the related content and encourage readers to visit you more articles.


WP Contact Form

Ryan Duff's WP Contact Form plugin is a provision for you and your visitors links useful plug-ins. You do not put e-mail to attract spam, and do not have to waste time to develop the code, you just need to spend time on the part you are interested.

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