44 classic computer science books

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1.The Art of Computer Programming
Author: Donald.E.Knuth
Web site: http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/ ~ knuth / taocp.html
Book Info: The book known as the 20th century the most important one of the 20 books, and Einstein's <<Relativity>> side by side, is an authoritative book in the field of computer science. The book is divided into seven volumes, now published Volume 3 , known as the "theory of computer programming Homer", "with Newton's
<"Natural Science in the Mathematical Principles>> comparable to masterpiece." Bring on a good grounding in mathematics rigorous style of the book, although the book is not with today's popular programming language description, but it did not damage it, "Programming Epic "status. The reason is simple design meaning it is never out of date. The Art of Computer Programming to the seven originally planned, but completed only three. the book in Japanese, Russian,
Spanish versions of many other countries. Which, the Chinese version issued by the National Defense University Press.
Book Reviews:
Many readers are talking about Knuth's book brought far-reaching implications. Scientists marvel at the rigorous and thorough analysis of logic, while ordinary programmers have also been successfully applied to the programs included in the book of their daily problems. All Knuth people are very much appreciated this book in the performance of precision and wit, and its clarity and covers the broad and delighted.
I can not tell you this book in terms of learning and creativity to bring excitement and my excitement, I have to bring them into my life, just like my car, restaurants, work, family ... ... everywhere.
---- Charles Long
No matter what your background, if you're doing complex computer programming, you should read the Ben Taoshu of each book to supplement your expertise.
When a problem difficult to resolve, but must be used to solve the Knuth's series of books, always a pleasant thing. I found that the use of the computer they have amazing results.
---- Jonathan Laventhol
If you think you're a really good programmer ... ... read Knuth's <<Art of Computer Programming>> If you can read the entire book, please send me a copy of your resume.
---- Bill Gates
The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 1: Fundamental Algorithms (3rd Edition)
Author: Donald.E.Knuth
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Volume 1 is based on algorithms, the book on basic programming concepts and technologies, and then talk about information architecture - the computer representation of information, the structural relationship between data elements and effective way to deal with them. Main application in analog, digital methods, symbolic computing, software and systems design. many simple and important algorithms and techniques have been added to the previous version, the exact part of the initial calculation has been modified to adapt to current trends.
The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 2: Seminumerical Algorithms (3rd Edition)
Author: Donald.E.Knuth
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Volume 2 of the field of semi-numerical algorithm to do a comprehensive introduction into "random" and "arithmetic" of two chapters. This volume summarizes the main algorithm examples and basic theory of these algorithms, extensive analysis of the computer programming and numerical Analysis of the mutual contact. Version 3 is particularly noteworthy
Knuth random number generator for re-processing and calculation of the discussion of formal power series.
The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 3: Sorting and Searching (2nd Edition)
Author: Donald E. Knuth
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Volume 3 for sorting and searching, this is the first book, a revised edition, it is a first-class computer technology sorting and search the most comprehensive study, which extends the data structure of volume 1, Treatment , the size of the database and memory and external storage are included. This book includes detailed examination of the computer method options, and the efficiency of the large number of analysis. This book is unique in this version is optimized for sorting, as well as Universal hashing and ordered a new theoretical method discussed.
About the author:
Donald.E.Knuth (Donald. E. Knuth, Gartner Chinese name) is the algorithm and program design technology pioneer, is a computer typesetting system
The inventor of TeX and METAFONT, he was a lot of these achievements and far-reaching creative works (19 books and 160 papers) and known around the world in the field of computer science enjoys a high prestige, is the acknowledged largest computer science master . as the art of computer programming at Stanford University emeritus professor, he is currently engrossed in computer science to complete its work on the seven-volume epic set. this great project in 1962, he Ghali
Funi Ya Institute of Technology graduate student began. Knuth, Professor won many awards and accolades, including the Association for Computing Machinery Turing Award (ACM
Turing Award), former U.S. President Jimmy Carter awarded the Science Award (Medal of Science), American Mathematical Society Steele Prize (AMS Steele
Prize), and in November 1996 awarded the invention of advanced technology, the highly respected in the Kyoto Prize (KyotoPrize). Now with his wife Jill live in Stanford campus.
Donald.E.Knuth the most glorious moments of life at Stanford University through the Department of Computer Science, won the ACM Turing Award, becoming the dean of skills within a well-deserved.

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2.Introduction to Algorithms
Author: Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein
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Book Info: CLRS referred to as the <<method Introduction ">, known as" computer algorithms of the Bible. "
Main author of the book from the MIT computer, one of Ronald L. Rivest of its secret key cryptographic algorithms in public on the contribution of RSA won the Turing Award, is currently the standard algorithm textbooks, many American elite Computer use it, some domestic institutions will also be teaching the course book as algorithms. In addition, many professionals often refer to it. As TAOCP published only 3 volumes, CLRS compare it appears from the contents of the former to be more comprehensive, the basic contains all the classical algorithm. book all by the pseudo-code programs, which add to the book in general, and makes use of various programming languages can be used as reference for programmers. popular language, it is suitable as a teaching method and self-learning algorithm is used. internal data structure called a lot of work, from the book out of context, to confuse the data structures and algorithms, and made of himself drowsily. this is my lack of willingness to recommend the causes of domestic work . you will find now is basically all the books on data structures and algorithms will be one of the book as a reference, but also to explain a problem, as readers of this book is the best choice of learning algorithm. As a book to add content I would like to recommend the following learning materials: You can find this address book through all the exercises: http://www.itu.dk/people/beetle/. In order to better study the contents of the book, the most Of course, a good guide about the book from the curriculum of their own, readers can get the video course.

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3.Data Structure & Algorithm Analysis in C (Second Edition)
Author: Mark Allen Weiss
Published: September 1996
Web site: http://www.cs.fiu.edu/ ~ weiss /
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book has been rated as top 20th century, one of the 30 computer books, the author Mark Allen Weiss in the data structures and algorithms analysis has made great achievements. His analysis of data structures and algorithms, especially the writings of popular and was widely praise. has been more than 500 universities in the world as a textbook.

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4.Concrete Mathematics A Foundation for Computer Science (Second Edition)
Author: Donald.E.Knuth & Ronald L. Graham
Web site: http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/ ~ knuth / gkp.html
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: very exciting is the main author of this book is the dean and his colleagues Ronald Donald.E.Knuth
L. Graham. Manuscript is, when they were in 1970, professor of computer science graduate students on the basis of this course sorted out the materials. The content is
Knuth's masterpiece TAOCP first expansion, and some to another than TAOCP spoke about a lot of depth. Focus on the topic of advanced computer programming and algorithm analysis, covering the field of computer science that may be encountered in almost all mathematical knowledge. Discrete Mathematics Mathematics is specific and comprehensive continuous mathematics, this book has done extremely well, relate to the content described in the book answers many of the classic problems of widespread than the current method is more understandable. For us to improve the mathematics training, there is big help. The reason TAOCP Sometimes it is because readers can not read the mathematical basis of calculation is not very solid, but from my personal experience, if the contents of this book have a better understanding, will you read such as TAOCP Masterpieces Masterpiece great convenience.

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5.Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications, Fourth Edition
Author: Kenneth H. Rosen
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: book value has been confirmed by hundreds of colleges around the world as a classic in the field of discrete mathematics textbooks, almost all renowned institutions around the world have used this book as a textbook. In my personal point of view, this Wikipedia can be called discrete mathematics book. The book not only describes the theory and methods of discrete mathematics, as well as a wealth of historical information and web resources related to learning. more exciting is that this book will be very few discrete mathematical theory and application so good. You can see the logic circuit in discrete mathematics, programming, business and the Internet, and many other areas of application examples. book in English (Fifth Edition) which added a lot more mathematical and computer scientists biography, history, computer science is a rare reference. as a textbook this book with a considerable number of exercises. each chapter there is a group of subjects, the students have learned computing and discrete mathematics the content together for training. This book is my personal time in learning discrete mathematics teaching reading in English only, in fact, a good book worthy of recommendation.

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6.The C Programming Language 2nd Edition
Exercises and answers
Author: Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Published: 1988.
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie's masterpieces. Tens of thousands of programmers and programming enthusiasts of the Bible,
Each page is priceless tips. No matter which way you have a Xinshou reveal, eventually you will find yourself already in it and unable to extricate themselves.

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7.The C + + Programming Language Author: Bjarne Stroustrap
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: the father by the hand of C + + authored <<The C++ Programming Language>> is every programmer's guide to the eyes of an unshakable ----- despite official ISO standard, or another document issued by ISO / IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21 publication. TCPL is in addition to the literature outside of C + + standard C + + the most authoritative reference manual. and quite different from most people's view, I think Bjarne is not inferior to the text language of the programming language he created, at least I College atmosphere like the strong work. book on C + + language description of clean-cut and straightforward. It C + + language from the perspective of the creator of C + +, which no other authors and books can not do ---- not Bjarne himself any better than how to use the
C + +.
This is a serious book to intermediate and advanced C + + developers for the target audience. If you are an experienced C + + programmers need to understand better the nature of C + + knowledge, this book is written for you. It is not that allows you to read the little book will keep coursing needs little reflection, chew. in reading, please, Mr. Bjarne stressed the special care what the words of what they take over. I personally like this book The fourth part of "use
C + + to do the design "so that the contents of the programming language in a similar book is difficult to see ---- Bjarne should I even think that this part of the independent individual to write a book.

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8.The Design and Evolution of C + +
Author: Bjarne Stroustrup
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: D & E is a book about C + + language design principles, design decisions and design philosophy of the books. It is clear answers C + + Why be like this today and not into another language. As C + + language, creator, Bjarne vividly demonstrated his unique and profound insights. In addition to the acclaimed foreign language features, Bjarne did not avoid controversial or even those who rejected the C + + features, he is given one by one logical and convincing explanation. Content cover C + +, prehistoric times, with a class C, C + + design rules, standards, libraries, memory management, multiple inheritance,
Templates and so on, including the exceptions, runtime type information and name space, including the important new features are depth discussions were carried out. Every C + +
Programmer should be able to deepen Bjarne opponents in the interpretation of the language understanding. This book knowledge enrichment, a great amount of information, do not miss
Bjarne each one seemingly so carelessly.

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9.Accelerated C + +: Practical Programming by Example
Author: Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Published: January 15, 2000
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: and the market most of the different C + + tutorial, this book is not from the "C + + in C" began to explain, but began in typical C + + features. From the beginning to write programs using the standard library, as described in the gradual depth, another one of these standard library components to explain basic concepts of dependence. In addition, and
Other materials of different C + +, this book is stimulating examples to explain the language and standard library, to explain the latter two examples of procedures in order to provide support
Rather than the vast majority of C + + textbooks as examples only for demonstration use of language features and standard library aids.
Of the C + + field programming practice, education and training, and technical writing are world class. I like the extensive use of standard libraries and C + +, the native properties of the fresh style of writing. In this material before, almost to date all C + + to have eclipsed or obsolete materials
. Although this may be the textbook for higher education for some of the domestic avant-garde, but I still strongly recommend to my colleagues. Incidentally, in the
Bjarne and my recent one communication, he says of the book: For an experienced programmer to learn C + +, this book may be the world's best one.

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10.C + + Gotchas: Avoiding Common Problems in Coding and Design Author: Stephen C. Dewhurst
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (November 26, 2002)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Stephen's theoretical knowledge and practical experience is doomed it is a good book worth reading. Stephen Bell Labs was the first batch of C + + users. He has successfully resolved using the C + + compiler, including securities trading, E-commerce and embedded systems, the problem areas. This book brings together first-line of the 99 from the development program insights, understanding them, you can avoid almost all of the common C + + design and programming issues.
I even think that, for C + + programming novice, reading this book than read a book more Herb Scott and easy and immediate access to a larger increase. I personally like the writing style of the book ---- Stephen Many of the ideas may seem extreme but irrefutable. Of course, this kind of self-confidence (
And cold humor) from the deep technical accomplishment of, rather than the arrogant bigotry.

11.C + + Primer 3rd
Author: Stanley B. Lippman
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is somewhat misleading name. Although the author claims the book is written for novice C + +, but it is in its thickness or depth of explanation does not seem to have exposed the case. Maybe it is a "From the entry to the master," the C + + tutorial would be more appropriate. I personally think that it is not suitable for complete beginners do not know C + + ---- Before reading this book, so you should at least be a little C or C + +, background knowledge, or at least has some experience in other programming languages.
Although the book omits some of the advanced C + + features of the discussions, but can still be regarded as by far the most comprehensive C + + tutorial. In fact
If a C + + beginners to read this book and solid control <<C++ Primer Answer Book>> complete all the exercises, he can certainly level of C + + programmers access to professional ranks. I personally believe that even if you have with the TCPL, this book still has value because it is in many ways to be more detailed than the TCPL, more understandable.

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12.Essential C + +
Author: Stanley B. Lippman
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: can not think that this book is strictly <<C++ Primer>> the Starter Edition. Book to recount the C + +, the most representative themes, including procedural programming, generic programming, object-based programming , object-oriented programming, templates, programming and exception handling. Stanley lowered the threshold to "programming experience with other languages," the C + + novice can accept the most basic level, enabling them to quickly start using C + + programming but free to read <<C++ Primer>> kind of tome. It is guided learning examples to try to make the reader to grasp in the shortest possible time, the essence of C + +.
Maybe for a person to an overview of C + + programming paradigm (paradigm) several hundred pages in all aspects need to be clear, this incredible little book to do this. I personally like this full of technology, concise and "there is Keep Cool "book. This book also has a distinct style: all the procedures used in all examples of standard library components, refreshing.

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13.Effective C + +: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design (2nd Edition)
More Effective C + +: 35 New Ways to Improve Your Programs and Designs
Author: Scott Meyers
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: first, to develop good habits of C + + design, this is Scott Meyers's <<Effective C++>> and <<More Effective
C + +>> give us the infinite benefits of these two books is a real classic, the author of C + +, skilled, making the style of language is simply to read, such as jelly and sweet, as he stood opposite to lecture you. If you have a deep understanding of the <<Effective C++>> and <<More Effective C++>>, then you can
To find that you are already in the crowd flocks of cranes.
If <<Effective C++>> discuss the C + +, some relatively basic concepts and techniques, then <<More Effective
C + +>> is focused on the series, including exception handling, including advanced technology. Compared with the former, the latter has two main differences: First, it contains many of the new standard when the contents of C + +; Second, it discusses The theme tends to "strategic," rather than "tactical" and more in-depth discussion and more thorough. In particular, the destructor is virtual, smart pointers, reference counting and the proxy class (proxy classe) techniques and models discussed depth of, make it difficult to imagine that appeared in such a small book into.

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14.Exceptional C + +: 47 Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions
More Exceptional C + +: 40 New Engineering Puzzles, Programming Problems, and Solutions
Author: Herb Sutter
Book Info: you think you are a C + + language expert? Read the ISO C + + standards committee to answer the Secretary-General of the two books. In both books, Herb adopted the "question and answer" approach to guide you to learn C + + language features. For each topic, Herb reasonable to assume that you first of all doubt and confusion, then they are wrong you probably guess the answer, and then you turn to for advice and propose the best solution, and finally summarize to solve similar problems universal principles.
These two books is a typical go into the details of C + + language works, very thin, but the content-intensive, far more than that Scott's two books, and reads brainer ---- I think they are better than Scott's book is difficult know more. To study the thin knowledge contained in two books, at least take a few months! (in Scott's recommended order, he frankly stated the problem more than once into the trap of GotW, you should know what that means whatever) go into the details of the language has any good? although in most cases, we do not care about C + + code behind the action, but when we have to care about, the two books can provide us a good clue, because They reveal the subtle C + + language, but essential things.

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15.Modern C + + Design: Generic Programming and Design Patterns Applied
Author: Andrei Alexandrescu
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: you think you are C + + template programming pro? Please read this book to answer. This is a genius from the hand of an awesome masterpiece. Generic model, infinite stretch your horizons, to challenge any one of C + + programmers thinking limits.
The book is divided into two parts, first part, the Loki library using the basic technology and some high-level language features, including policy-based class design, partial template specialization, the compiler of the assertion, Typelist distribution of technology and small objects . The second part highlights the importance of Loki in the generic model components and technologies, including generalized functor (Generalization Functor), single (Singleton), smart pointers, object factories (Object Factory), Abstract Factory (Abstract Factory), Visitor (Visitor) and multi-method (Multimethods) and so on. Each technology is eye-opener, amazing.

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16.C + + Templates: The Complete Guide
Author: David Vandevoorde, Nicolai M. Josuttis
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: There is a book of praise old-fashioned way, generally "not read this book, you how how to", there is often mostly hyperbole. However, if the saying "never seen << C + + Templates: The Complete Guide>>, you can not proficient in C + + template programming, "then the argument for the majority of the world C + + programmers is established. This book fills the field of C + + templates time-honored books blank. Prior to this, there is <<Modern C++ Design>> that focus on advanced programming techniques and generic template pattern in the book, there are <<The C + +
Standard Library>> This template framework and components for a particular use of guidelines. However, if the lack of understanding of the template mechanism, you'll struggle to "down" easily. In view of this, I want a thorough understanding of every C + + templates technology friends recommend this book.

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17.The C + + Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference
Author: Nicolai M. Josuttis
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (August 12, 1999)
Amazon Reviews:
[Http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0201379260/002-5778374-2660009?v=glance] Amazon.
com [/ URL]
Book Info: This is an encyclopedic book C + + standard library is a need for repeated access to the Reference. Its completeness, granularity and accuracy, is unmatched. Book details each of the standard specifications and usage of library components, including streaming and localization covering
Including the standard library, not just STL. As the book subtitle, is suitable as a tutorial to read it first, and later used as a reference manual.
Easy to understand writing style makes this book very readable. If you want to learn the usage of standard library and its potential as much as possible, you must have this book. As the network said, this book should not only in place in your bookcase, but should be placed on your computer desk. I to every professional C + + programmers strongly recommended.
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18.Effective C + +: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design (2nd Edition) Author: Scott Meyers
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 2 edition (September 2, 1997)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info:
Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library
Author: Scott Meyers
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (June 6, 2001)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: After reading Scott's <<Effective C++>> and <<More Effective C++>> in Chinese translation, I have been looking forward to this book's Chinese version. Mr. Pan Aimin I understand the personal home page, he and His partner seems to have completed the translation of this book,
Unfortunately, the market has still not see. Fortunately, we can see it's original.
This book is required reading for programmers to use STL for. In this book, Scott told us about the STL containers and algorithms of the working mechanism and how to best use them. And, like Scott's other works, this book style of writing clear, precise, with excellent readability. read the book after
I think you might be and I and other C + + programmers have such thoughts as: Scott when it will write a book "More Effective
STL "?

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19.Thinking in C + +, Volume 1: Introduction to Standard C + + (2nd Edition) Author: Bruce Eckel
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2nd edition (April 15, 2000)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: <<Thinking in C++>> the 1st edition in 1996 and won the "Software Development" magazine's book award shock. The latest launch of version 2 of a substantial rewrite of the content and adjusted to reflect the standardization of C + + brought The impact of object-oriented areas in recent years, the latest research and practical results. "Enter the input stream", "multiple inheritance", "exception handling" and "Run Time Type Identification" and other advanced topics, together with C + + standardization of some elements of the future increase be placed in the second volume. Bruce is an experienced C + + lecturers and consultants, the training and writing experiences are world class, his work than those who "just for fun" of the technical staff to write something more attractive to readers . In fact, in the same books, for most readers, the readability of this book to more than TCPL and <<C++ Primer>>.
Thinking in C + +, Volume 2: Practical Programming (Second Edition)
Author: Bruce Eckel
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2nd edition (November 1, 2003)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info:

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20. Ruminations on C + +: A Decade of Programming Insight and Experience
Author: Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. Moo, Barbara E. (Editor) Moo
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (August 7, 1996)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Andrew is the world's handful of C + + experts. This is a book about C + + programming ideas and programming techniques rather than the language of the details of the book. If you already have a foundation, this book will teach you during the C + + Programming should be how to think, how to express solutions
. The whole book is a thorough technical expression, the text easy to understand. Bjarne says of this book: the book over the "C + + what, C + + can do what" insights.

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21.Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented software Author: Erich Gamma
Publisher: Addison Wesley Longman; (1998
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Design of reusable object-oriented software, you need to know design patterns. This book is not designed for C + + programmers to write, but it uses the C + + (and Smalltalk) as the main example of the language, C + + programmers are particularly vulnerable to benefit from it. four of the authors are internationally recognized experts in the field of object-oriented software, they will experience in the design of object-oriented software design patterns as a detailed record. This book is so far-reaching impact, and that four of the book have been nicknamed the GoF (Gang of Four). the book College deep breath, the tone of the rigorous simplicity, although it is not as easy to read some books explain the pattern, but the real understanding of design patterns to be precise, the book is the ultimate authority. Learning design patterns, this book needs time and again
The three chewing. Passing sentence: Please design mode turned into a key to open up thinking, and must not be closed to the yoke of thinking.

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22.Efficient C + +: Performance Programming Techniques
Author: Dov Bulka, David Mayhew
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This slim little book focuses on high-performance C + + application development. The two authors are IBM software experts are working on a system for building high performance requirements of the field, this book is their voice of experience. Also people do not like this book because it took a lot of space and C + + has nothing to do about things, but I just because of this and feel good about this book, it is these things that I broadened my horizons.

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23.Inside the C + + Object Model
Author: Stanley B. Lippman
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co
Published: May 3, 1996
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: observations from the perspective of the compiler C + + allows you to know these and to know why. This book explores a lot of C + + object-oriented programming mechanisms underlying the operation, including constructors, functions, temporary objects, inheritance, virtual template instantiation, exception handling, runtime type identification, etc.
, Also introduced some C + + object model to achieve the process of making the trade-offs. Like inquisitive C + + programmers can learn about the numerous compiler interprets the details of the source code, as well as the details of memory allocation ..

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24.The Art of Assembly Language
Author: Randall Hyde
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: The book X86 series of computer background, from the simple Hello program starts, the system and the detailed description of the X86 microprocessor assembly language programming, a variety of basic knowledge and programming skills, which relates to the data representation, memory management, various data types, processes, and assembly language-related architecture, control structure, file, macro, bit processing instructions, string instructions, MMX instructions, classes and objects, and mixed-language programming, especially in the high-level assembly language (HLA ), the book gives detailed in-depth explanation. For those seeking to learn X86 assembly language programming, programmers, this is a rare book.
Of the book by Professor Randall Hyde assembly language in the university more than a decade, and developed several commercial software, developed with extensive experience in assembly language. The book by the English electronic thousands of sites and senior programmer highly praised, has become a high-level assembly language programming of a classic. Although the publication of the book is not long, but in the Amazon for the book to evaluate a lot of people, and almost all of them have given 5 stars evaluation, we can see the contents of the good. It is believed that over time, the impact of its programmers will become increasingly large.
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25.The Design and Implementation of the 4.4BSD Operating System
Marshall Kirk McKusick, Consultant
Keith Bostic, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
Michael J. Karels, Berkeley Software Design, Inc.
John S. Quarterman, Texas Internet Consulting
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company
Published: 04/30/1996
Book Info: Berkeley is the first complete description of the design and implementation of the latest version of 4.4BSD authoritative books. The book describes the internal structure and implementation of 4.4BSD 4.4BSD system functions used in the concepts, data structures and algorithms. Book focus on 4.4BSD and AT & T System V UNIX
Different versions of Office made a more detailed description, and the design idea and made a clear exposition of the background. The book on the research, development and use of UNIX systems, in particular, 4.4BSD UNIX implementation of new technologies, new features. have great reference value.

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26.John Lions: Lions'Commentary on UNIX 6th Edition with Source Code
Author: John Lions
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: in the 20th century, 70's and 80's during this period, Leon several books <<source code analysis>>, was to see people rush to pass UNIX
System "underground publications." Today we come to look at this book, even though the code is outdated, but the comments were made by most of the comments, is still perfect as ever. To learn principles of operating systems, you must read and understand source code. Leon's work, so most of us can achieve this step.
Book Reviews:
The material in this book is a bit out of date to determine its content does not include graphics, networking, and after 1975 a new thing. Even in 1979, is no longer used in the compilation of a linear search, the basic data structures and C code also keep the source code in this book, and the code for the computer is
Simple, just a little more than memory. From which you will find a lot of rough place. But in the code, you can observe its basic structure, which follows a very long time, and can occur in an inclusive environment in the calculation of the great change. In Leon's analysis, you can feel the fresh, the position of frequently asked questions, many of which words and ideas are very suitable for education and learning. Leon is very clear appreciation of his reading of the UNIX source code,
But immediately pointed out the deficiencies. He helped his students understand the source code contains many ideas and themes, frankly that he felt some parts of the code in the confusion of the place. Where the literature has been reprinted Education a generation, it is the computer industry in the largest number of copies of a manuscript. this public record is a good thing.
---- Dennis. M. Richie Finally, I would also like to mention is this: now, the most widespread computer science literature has been an underground free to use. I
1977 is still in the memories of that day, when I received the mail the first draft of the book, I began this book is not a lot of expectations,
Word for word but in the end it is a careful reading .20 years after the book is still a real operating system is the best work of description.
---- Ken? Thomson (Thomson and Ritchie as the development and implementation of UNIX operating systems were jointly awarded the 1983 Association for Computing Machinery ACM Turing Award).

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27.Operating Systems: Design and Implementation (Second Edition)
Author: Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Albert S. Woodhull
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 2nd edition (January 15, 1997)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is an excellent textbook theory with practice. The author not only describes all the basic principles, such as: the process of inter-process communication,
Input / output, virtual memory, file system and system security, but also introduces the concept of threads, while detailed discussion of the MINIX system (a UNIX-compatible systems), so that students not only learn theory, but also to learn through the use of MINIX how these principles apply to real operating system. of the principles of all material updated to reflect the new progress in the field. MINIX POSIX-based system has been revised to run on Pentium (Pentium)
Computer. MINIX code can be used for Ethernet and TCP / IP networking environment. Discs are attached to each book, containing all the MINIX source code and various computer can run two simulations. Questions are attached to each chapter.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
28.Modern Operating Systems (2nd Edition)
Author: Andrew Tanenbaum
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: For software development experts, and computer science students who, "" Modern operating systems>> given the operating system to design a comprehensive view on the concept, including Unix / Linux and Windows 2000, detailed case studies. This book divided into two parts, the first part of the detailed knowledge about the traditional operating system, including processes, memory management, file system, I / O device management, deadlock, etc.; The second part introduces the distributed operating system, including the level of agreement, the remote procedure call, mutually exclusive operation, distributed file systems topic. to deepen understanding of the concept, the book details the four operating systems, including UNIX and traditional systems of two MS-DOS; both Amoeba and distributed systems Mach. In addition, a brief introduction
NFS, AFS, ISIS and other several other systems. Books complete system, rich in content, narrative clarity, the university students in computer and related rare books, for in computer management, development, systems analysis and other career professionals are also excellent reference books.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
29.Operating System Concepts
Author: Abraham Silberschatz, Greg Gagne, Peter Baer Galvin
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is a computer operating system, specialty courses a classic textbook, since the first edition of its inception, has experienced nearly 20 years of temper is considered a textbook of the course, "Bible." Its operating system The concept and basic principles of clear exposition is given. This book covered the basic concepts and algorithms are based on current commercial operating system, and in general non-specific operating system environment to start to explain. The book introduces a wealth of popular operating systems implementation of related technologies, including Solaris2, Linux, Windows NT, Windows 2000, OS / 2 and Apple Macintosh operating systems. This version includes thread, Windows 2000 a new chapter, and added a client / server model and network file system, embedded operating system, real-time operating systems, distributed operating systems.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
30.Running MS-DOS
Author: Van Wolverton
Published: 18 November 1993
Book Info: MS-DOS on a clear work!
After 10 years of numerous competition, <<Running MS-DOS>> is still to be regarded as the standard MS-DOS other books. Van Wolverton's actual writing style, hundreds of screen presentation, made <<Running MS-DOS> "became popular at any time in the DOS guide book. there is no other computer books get from readers and critics had so much praise.
This new, 10th anniversary version, including MS-DOS 6.2 on the latest version of important information. If you just bought a
PC, or just to upgrade to a new version, <<Running MS-DOS>> should be your first source of information. <<Running MS-DOS>>
Is actually synthesized by the 3 books, including:
MS-DOS introduced, and how your computer hardware with the coordination on the understanding and use of an MS-DOS command the full guidance manual, which has definitions, examples and forms to help you quickly find information!

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
31.Advanced Programming in the UNIX? Environment
Author: Richard W. Stevens, Stephen A. Rago
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Similar to most other operating systems, Unix programs that run on it on a large number of services provided, in addition, the book and other Unix
The difference is that programming books, this book about Unix systems in addition to the programming interface to the system call interface and ---- that is the standard C library provided by the large number of functions, but also through many examples and the basic principles of the Unix programming environment to do more in-depth explanation and analysis, such as how to create the database, the page description language of the printer driver, the modern dial-up procedures, and agency processes, interprocessor communication, pseudo-terminal procedures. This book is the Unix research of experts in the field, while the book is more is the area known as the Bible Collection, I believe every reader will be in the process of learning to appreciate the book to its value.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
32.Unix Network Programming

Unix Network Programming, Volume.1: The Sockets Networking API, Third Edition
Author: W. Richard Stevens, Bill Fenner, Andrew M. Rudoff, Richard W. Stevens
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This is a use application programming interface (API) method for the preparation of computer networks communication network programming tutorial. Used
API There are two types: operating system based on BerkeleyUNIX "Berkeley" sockets-based AT & T developed X Open Transport Interface XTI. Book is divided into four parts: Ⅰ . Introduction and TCP / IP; Ⅱ . Basic socket ( Sockets); Ⅲ . Senior socket; Ⅳ . XTI X / Open Transport Interface. four appendices:
A.IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4 and ICMPv6; B. Virtual network; C. debugging techniques; D. some of the key source code. The book is comprehensive, practical, and is a good reference book.
UNIX Network Programming, Volume 2: Interprocess Communications (2nd Edition)
Author: W. Richard Stevens
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: A good inter-process communication (IPC) complex and refined form of UNIX is the key to application performance. This book comprehensively and thoroughly describes the various forms of inter-process communication, including message passing, synchronization, shared memory and remote call ( RPC). The author describes the basis of IPC and its problems began to gradually lead the reader to learn how to make the System V IPC and the new Posix standards both to the extreme. Pthread the content of the book have a greater expansion, the with many examples reflecting multiple threads instead of multiple processes. the reader through the book will be able to master a variety of existing IPC technology, including: pipes and FIFO; Posix and System V message queues; mutex locks and condition variables; Reading write lock; record locking; Posix and System V signals
; Posix and System V shared memory; Solaris Doors and Sun RPC; IPC technology, performance measurement. Thorough and authoritative book, almost every chapter has a selection of exercises, a computer and network professional undergraduate and graduate students preferred materials, the book can also be as a network of research and development staff self-learning materials and reference books.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
33.TCP/IP Illustrated

Web site: http://www.kohala.com/start/
TCP / IP Illustrated, Volume 1: The Protocols
Author: W. Richard Stevens
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: <<TCP/IP Detailed, volume 1: Agreement >> is a complete and detailed TCP / IP protocol guidelines. Describes the various protocols belonging to each layer and how they run on different operating systems. Of Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory with the tcpdump program to capture the different operating systems and TCP / IP transmission between the different groups to achieve. tcpdump output of research can help understand how different protocols work. This book is suitable as a computer network of professional teaching and student learning teacher reference books. also applies to the research network of the technical staff.
TCP / IP Illustrated, Volume 2: The Implementation
Author: Gary R. Wright, W. Richard Stevens
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book complete and detailed introduction to TCP / IP protocol is how to achieve it. The book gives about 500 illustrations, 15,000-line C code for the actual operation, using examples of teaching methods to help you master TCP / IP implementation . This book not only explains the socket API and protocol family relationships and host computer and the router to achieve the difference. also introduced the 4.4BSD-Lite version of the new features, such as multicasting, long fat pipe support, window scaling, timestamps election items and other topics and so on. readers book, Volume 1, should have elaborated on the TCP / IP basic knowledge. This book is for want to understand
TCP / TP protocol how people, including programmers who write Web applications and the use of TCP / IP maintenance of computer network systems administrator.
TCP / IP Illstrated, Volume 3: TCP for Transactions, HTTP, NNTP, and the UNIX Domain Protocols
Author: W. Richard Stevens
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is <<TCP/IP Detailed series >> continuity. The main contents include: TCP services agreement, that T / TCP, this is the extension of TCP
So that the customers - server transactions faster, more efficient and more reliable; TCP / IP applications, mainly HTTP and NNTP; UNIX domain agreements, which provide a means of communication between processes. When the same client and server process When host, UNIX domain protocols often than TCP / IP twice as fast. This book also uses a lot of examples and implementation details, and references cited the large number of source volume 2. This book is for wanting to understand the TCP / IP to work, including the preparation of the network application programmer and the use of TCP / IP maintenance of computer network systems administrator.
About the author:
Gary R. Wright of TCP / IP for years. He is Connix the company's chairman, the company based in Connecticut, which provides
Internet access and consulting services. W. Richard Stevens (1951-1999) is a highly respected experts, in addition to <<TCP/IP Detailed >>
Three volumes, he also had the other two most popular works; <<UNIX Advanced programming environment > "and" <UNIX Network programming > "(two volumes).

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
34.Routing TCP / IP

CCIE Professional Development: Routing TCP / IP Volume 1
Author: Jeff Doyle
Publisher: Cisco Press; 1st edition (July 1, 1998)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is the first detailed and complete introduction of the Internet, Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) professional books, called the terms of the relevant IGRP rare classic. This book is divided into three parts . The first part introduces the basic network and routing knowledge,
TCP / IP, and static and dynamic routing technology has made a review of the whole. The second part is the essence of the book, this part of the more in-depth about a variety of commonly used interior gateway routing protocols such as static routing, RIP, RIPv2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, ISIS, etc., each chapter in addition to the implementation of the protocol mechanisms and parameters elaborated, implementation of the agreement so that readers have a clear understanding of the principle, but also by examples of actual network environment
, The protocol discussed in detail in the Cisco router configuration and troubleshooting methods, so that readers get a lot of expertise to solve practical problems. The third part describes as the default route, route filtering and routing control of a variety of effective tools, used to create and manage multiple IP routing protocols and coordination. This book is not only suitable for those who need to prepare for CCIE exams by candidates, but also for any full understanding of TCP / IP interior routing protocol network design and engineering staff to read. This book explains in detail the agreement and the instance of the network that will benefit the reader.
CCIE Professional Development Routing TCP / IP Volume 2
Author: Jeff Doyle, Jennifer DeHaven Carroll
Publisher: Cisco Press; 1st edition (April 11, 2001)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book thoroughly and systematically expounded the TCP / IP routing technology, including several important Internet protocols, such as Exterior Gateway Protocol
(EGP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4), and the corresponding advanced IP routing technology and applications - network address translation, IP multicast routing, IPv6 technology, router management. This book is divided into nine chapters, first introduced and discussed the basic principles of subject matter, then is designed to show the real network environment, a series of configuration examples of related concepts, and finally available to readers through practice proven troubleshooting methods to solve the network problems may occur. focuses on the routing between autonomous systems, such as multicast and IPv6 strategy and more challenging such as the routing selection and implementation of technology.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
35.Data and Computer Communications, Seventh Edition
Author: William Stallings
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is well-known writer William Stallings Computer is one of the classics, covering the basic principles of data communications, various types of computer networks and a variety of network protocols and applications. This version of the original content made a thorough revision and reorganization, the new version of the thematic elaboration of communication more comprehensive and clear. At the same time, the new enhanced wireless communications and networking, Gigabit Ethernet, DiffServ, MPLS and
TCP / IP implementation details and so on. In addition, the book also includes glossaries, references, abbreviations table. Each chapter is accompanied by exercises and suggestions for readers to further reading.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
36.Programming Pearls, 2nd Edition
Author: Jon Bentley
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 2 edition (September 27, 1999)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: If you let programmers list their favorite books, Jon Bentley's <<Programming Pearls>> usually in the classic series. As pearl oysters from the sand used to torture, programming pearls have come Since the practical problems have afflicted the programmer. Bentley's pearls on a solid foundation in engineering, in the realm of insight and creativity for those annoying problem provides a unique and clever solutions. through a number of well-designed and interesting but rather the program guide, the book on a number of utilities and basic design principles of design techniques were described in a clear and witty. Therefore, "<Programming Pearls>> get the favor of all levels of programmers do not feel surprised.
In order to reflect today's programming methods and environments, Bentley thoroughly updated in the first edition of this book in most of the material. In addition, he also added the following three aspects: 1. Testing, debugging and timing 2. collection of said 3. characters in the original problem was all the procedures are re-adapted, and generate an equal amount of new code. You can book site
([Urwww.programmingpearls.com) [/ url] get all the program C or C + + implementation.
Book Reviews:
<<Programming Pearls>> first edition early in my career, read the one of the most influential books, the first learned from a book long after many of the points still to me a lot. Jon in the second edition a great deal of material in the update, the freshness of these new examples left me a deep impression.
---- Steve McConnell <<Code
Complete>> and many other best-selling author

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
37.The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, 20th Anniversary Edition
Author: Frederick P, Brooks, Jr.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional; 1st edition (August 2, 1995)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: IBM mainframe father of Fred Brooks's collection of more than twenty years development experience, far to seek deep concern, every word Abas. Clever techniques and cultural beauty of the perfect combination. Since the first edition of the book has sold more than twenty years is not bad is unique software required reading classic.
About the author:
Frederick P has won the most prestigious areas of the U.S. computer Turing Award (AMTuring Award) crown. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Praise him "on the computer architecture, operating systems and software engineering to make a landmark contribution."
Dr. Brooks University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, professor of computer science. He is considered the "IBM 360 system, the" father, served as project manager for the 360 system, as well as the operating system 360, the manager of the project design stage. With the outstanding contribution to the project
, Brooks, PhD, and Bob Evans and Erich Bloch in 1985, was awarded the National Medal of Technology (National Medal of
Technology). Brooks had earlier served as IBM, Dr. Stretch and Harvest computer architecture designers.
Dr. Brooks founded the University of North Carolina Department of Computer Science, and in 1964 served as Head of Department in 1984. He also served in the U.S. National Science and Technology Bureau and the National Defense Science and Technology Committee. His current teaching and research interests are in computer architecture, molecular modeling graphics and virtual environment design.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
38.The Pragmatic Programmer
Author: Andrew Hunt, David Thomas
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Published: November 24, 1999
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Watch the book programming positions, through the growing norm of modern software development and academic, the core process was examined
---- The process of integrating supply and demand to work, and gratifying, maintainable code. This book contains content from personal responsibility and professional development to maintain the flexibility of the code to make it easy to adapt and reuse.
Written by relatively independent chapters, during which there is no lack of fun anecdotes and detailed examples and interesting dialogue, describes the various software development
Of best practices and major defects. Whether you are a new entry in the coder, an experienced programmer, or manager responsible for software projects,
By day these courses, will be in personal productivity, accuracy and job satisfaction on rapid growth. You learn skills and develop habits and attitudes of career will you lay the foundation for long-term success. You will become another Pragmatic Programmer.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
39.The Art of UNIX programming
Author: Eric S. Raymond
Publisher: Addison Wesley
Published: October 2, 2003
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: United States won the Software Development Productivity Award Awards!
This book is the author 30 years after the last novel took five years from creation, is a rare masterpiece of software engineering. On the first time the philosophy, design patterns
, Tools, culture and tradition combine to make UNIX to become the world's best and most innovative software and shows how to expand to
Linux and open source today (open-source) the movement: The most important open source projects from the sample, of UNIX and Linux programmers to show how to create a more clever software to make it more elegant, more agile and more reusable and has a longer lifetime of the book introduces the Unix system design and development in the field of philosophy, ideology and culture systems, principles and experience of Unix Programming by recognized masters,
Leaders of the open source movement Eric S. Raymond made effort to writing for many years. Including a number of Unix experts, including designers for the content of the book a valuable contribution. This book covers the community culture, software development and design and achieve wide coverage, content, deep, fully demonstrates the great deep of field experience and wisdom.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
40.Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams
Author: Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister
Publisher: Dorset House Publishing Co
Published: February 28, 1999
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: Tom Demarco and Tim Lister's "Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams" first edition
Published in 1987, was devoted to software development and maintenance of the team management issues, the traditional management approach to a challenge, respected people management thinking
To give workers freedom and trust the software. And "" Man on the myth>> the same, the book has become a classic team management software for In 1995
, Larry Constantine published a entitled "Constantine on Peopleware," the proceedings, to expand the "people piece" concept, the people who use software also come in the year 1999 in February, "" Man Parts>> the second edition published new content added to Chapter 8. These content additions broader perspective on the larger organizations to explore how the team carried out the operation.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
41.Computer graphics C Version 2nd ed
Author: Donald Heam, M. Pauline Baker
Publisher: Pearson US Imports & PHIPEs
Published: May 24, 1996
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This is the field of computer graphics, a classic, of Foley, van Dam and other famous scholars of international scholars, graphics,
Academic leaders, and English from the publication of the book has been a national key university courses in computer graphics textbook. This book is a computer science undergraduate colleges and graduate courses in computer graphics ideal materials, professionals in related fields is excellent reference to carry out research work.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
42.Tricks of the 3D Game Programming Gurus-Advanced 3D Graphics and Rasterization
Author: Andre LaMothe
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is well-known books on game programming Andre LaMothe's best-selling book. Everywhere in the book are many interesting but there are some difficulties of the source. Of motherhood from a programming point of view introduced in the Windows environment all the knowledge needed to develop the game, including the Win32 programming, and all the major components of DirectX (including DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectInput, and
DirectMusic). The book also taught in detail with separate sections of the 2D graphics and rasterization techniques, game algorithms, multithreaded programming, games and text analysis, artificial intelligence (including fuzzy logic, neural networks and genetic algorithms), physical modeling (full collision response, momentum transfer, and forward and reverse kinematics) and real-time simulation game program development in key technologies.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
43.Compilers Principles, Techniques, and Tools
Author: Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Seth, Jeffrey D. Ullman
Publisher: Addison Wesley (January 1, 1986)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: This book is another famous name dragon book. The reason is that there are articles on the cover of the book Red Dragon. Which explain the core
Compiler theory so far have not changed, so until today, its value is extraordinary. The greatest feature of this book is a practical beginning, through a small example, to compile a list of principles along the lines out, so a lot of compiler theory end soon had a heart for beginners, but also know why these theories, how to apply these theories. and this is I feel the lack of domestic material things, so the country is willing to self-study materials are not written for the reader, in short, people looked a long time, but do not know what good things inside.

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
44.Computer Systems A Programmer's Perspective
Author: Randal E. Bryant, David R. O'Hallaron
Publisher: Prentice Hall; 1st edition (August 13, 2002)
Amazon Reviews: Amazon.com
Book Info: AMAZON five-star books, one of the greatest teaching of computer science at Carnegie Mellon University Dean of Computer Science, IEEE and ACM Fellow double the U.S. effort to launch more than 80 professional and world-class universities use the book as a textbook computer book English has long known, by many professionals as "the greatest computer materials," one of the famous Carnegie Mellon University computer science department has been using this book as a textbook, a computer programmer in the eyes of a thorough system carry about tripod for. Randal E. Bryant of Carnegie Mellon University's Computer Science Department, ACM, and IEEE double Fellow (Fellow), their research has won awards issued by ACM and IEEE
. This book is divided into thirteen chapters, describing the representation and processing of information, the program said the machine-level, processor architecture, memory hierarchy, static and dynamic linking, virtual memory, system-level I / O, network programming and concurrency programming and other exciting content. Its purpose is to explain all the essential concepts of computer systems to show the reader how these concepts are actually affected the accuracy of the application, performance and practicality. and other major personnel system for the system structure of different books This book is written for programmers, is described from the perspective of the programmer's. This book is a gap between software and hardware, a bridge, it gives a way to help readers from hardware and software perspective their behavior to understand the way a program, which also filled the teaching of computer systems, a blank. The biggest advantage of this book is to help the reader understand the concepts, so that readers clearly in mind to construct a hierarchical computer system from the lowest representation of data in memory (such as we have been strange floating point representation), to form the instruction pipeline, to the virtual memory, to the build system to dynamically load the library, to the end user applications. This book provides a large number of examples and exercises, and part of the answer. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the basic concept for each has a corresponding written tests or procedures to deepen the reader's understanding.
Book Reviews:
I firmly believe that a programmer's point of view from the computer system to teach students computer's internal structure is very helpful.
---- Kostas Daniilidis, University of Pennsylvania This book is distinctive about the way of things, but, and I want a similar course will be conducted.
---- John Greiner, Rice University, this is a great job in this area is a revolution in teaching methods.
---- Michael Scott, University of Rochester