2011.05.07 ~ U.S. language listening practice

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Chronic Diseases an 'Impending Disaster' for Some Nationsc

Three Innovators Who Changed the History of Sound and Communication Technologies

the greatest thing is always the respecting and loving science and regarding scientists and technologist as remarkably important.

American History: As War in Europe Expands, US Continues Policy of Neutrality

A School That Teaches Children to Eat Better

The Mississippi River Floods America's Heartland

natural disaster is still as powerful as human just cannot cope with it directly in the front side.

Alan Shepard, 1923-1998: The First American to Fly in Space

A Smartphone App for Eye Exams in Developing Countries

yes, i really support doing deeper research in myopia field, though it's used only in detecting, it's a good sign and direction, myopia is rather difficult to deal with, but we'll try to make our largest efforts.

Study Links Climate Change to Changes in Crop Yields

How Early Treatment Can Limit the Spread of HIV

Nam June Paik Made Video Into a Modern Art Form

US Schools Under Pressure to Deal With Sexual Violence

American History: Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor Pulls US Into War

Who Should Be the Next Chief of the IMF?

Is NASA's James Webb Space Telescope a Time Machine?

Scientist Working to Save Bees Is Winner of Environmental Prize

the old saying may reveal a little about this: when you are worrying about sth, sth happens eventually, if you don't worry about it, it just doesn't happen.

Fourteen Scientists and Activists Who are Changing the World

America History: US-Japan Relations Before World War Two

People With Chronic Hepatitis B Often Do Not Know It

Dr. Blumberg is a real man, as a doctor he made great score in research which helps humanbeing greatly, and his interest towards space life shows he's a real explorer. He also did what he thought.

Laura Ingalls Wilder, 1867-1957: She Wrote Nine "Little House" Books About Pioneer Life

it sounds more like a drama now, rich background music and very absorbing story makes it impossible to give up going on listening.

Paying Tech Talents to Drop Out of College

Science is no doubt my dream. Only through science, i can fulfil my dream. The pattern i think is advanced and creative, people pursue what they truly want, which might be the most powful. Cause interest is the greatest teacher which helps last longest .

  • 2011.05.07 ~ U.S. language listening practice 2011-05-07

    Chronic Diseases an 'Impending Disaster' for Some Nationsc Three Innovators Who Changed the History of Sound and Communication Technologies the greatest thing is always the respecting and loving science and regarding scientists and technologist as re

  • 2010.05.07 --- javascript 2010-05-10

    2010.05.07 --- javascript Reference: http://abruzzi.javaeye.com/blog/632010 1. Types of judgments ----- typeof and instanceof function handleMessage(message, handle){ if(typeof handle == "function"){ return handle(message); }else{ throw new Erro

  • 2011.05.29_"课表通v1.2.1"正式发布,敬请关注(附安装程序以及学院课表下载地址) 2011-05-29

    这是本人课余时间用C#写的一个简单的课表查询应用程序,虽然简单的不得了,但是多少有点实用性.拿出来晒一下,欢迎编程爱好者来探讨交流.功能正在不断完善,期待发布功能更多.更具有实用性的版本... ------------------------------------ 附:115网盘下载地址: 课表通v1.2.1.rar http://u.115.com/file/bhnkqqpj 文经学院2010-2011学年春(两学期)__班级课表.rar http://u.115.com/file/e61a

  • 自定义ListView[通用]适配器并实现监听控件! 2011-11-10

    自定义ListView[通用]适配器并实现监听控件! http://www.cnblogs.com/topcoderliu/archive/2011/05/07/2039862.html 自定义Android的ListView布局和各Item的背景色

  • 移动审批工作流设计与实现 2012-03-09

    在企业中,大部分重要的业务需要进行审批,由于具有决定权的领导者事务繁忙或者受环境或低于限制,没法通过互联网进行工作处理. 移动审批,通过手机方便快捷地登陆企业内部网及互联网,即使处于无线的状态下,也能进行远程办公,以此来提高对于突发事件的反应能力,提升企业竞争力. 这篇文章我将使用iPhone作为移动终端进行设计与实现,iPhone引入了基于大型多触点显示屏和领先性新软件的全新用户界面,让用户用手指即可控制iPhone.iPhone还开创了移动设备软件尖端功能的新纪元,重新定义了移动电话的功能.

  • NoSQL练习 - 用 MongoDB 和 Redis 解决一个现实问题 2014-06-17

    作者好牛逼啊,我不懂的他都懂. Practical NoSQL - Solving a Real Problem with MongoDB and Redis 在我写的那本小人书(我擦,免费的)里面,我提出了这样一个观点,总的来说,NoSQL 扩展了我们的数据存储方式.除了新的工具,NoSQL 也关心查看和保存数据,以一种开放的心态,用新的技术(就算不是最新的,也是差不多新的好吧). 这周末,我花了点时间解决了个问题,用两个新的工具和一个新的建模方式.我好开心显摆一下.你知道我已经开始重写我的

  • Tencent cloud platform and technology practice (zz) 2011-09-18

    from: http://www.webguo.com/2011/05/23/tencent_arch.html [Third China Cloud Computing Conference] 2011, the most watched event in the IT industry - the third China Cloud Computing Conference on 18-20 May 2011 National Convention Center in Beijing was

  • NetBeans Weekly News-刊号 # 79 - Nov 05, 2009 2012-03-09

    项目新闻 社区语言可供下载NetBeans 6.8测试版 您的母语是什么?有一个很好的机会让NetBeans IDE使用它!除了将NetBeans IDE 6.8测试版整个本地化到Sun支持的语言(英语,日语,巴西-葡萄牙文和简体中文)外,还可在一些社区翻译语言中选择发布的可用模块. Kenai.com中的新功能:删除测试项目 你是否在Kenai.com上开始尝试使用一些"测试"项目,是否正准备开始有意义的正式项目?Kenai.com上的新功能可以让您删除测试或不用的项 目.记住,通过

  • Plain language to explain SAP Permissions 2010-03-22

    The role of general roles, local roles | - Permission object MM_XXXX object | | - Permissions fields field 1 (for CRUD) field 2 (responsible for field-level access) | | | | - Allows the operator to 01/03/05/07 | | | | - Allowable value Factory1, Fact

  • ASV2011/05.16 SWF decompiler tools (11 Anniversary Edition) released 2011-05-24

    ASV 2011/05 Update Announcement May 16, 2011 Copyright © 2000-2011 Manitu Group ASV 2011/05.16. 11 Anniversary Edition. ● AS3 decompile option to increase "as much as the display name of the import." ● Improved use namespace AS3 command support.

  • jQuery源码分析-05异步队列 Deferred 使用介绍 2014-01-28

    异步队列是一个链式对象,增强对回调函数的管理和调用,用于处理异步任务 5. 异步队列 Deferred 5.1 概述 异步队列是一个链式对象,增强对回调函数的管理和调用,用于处理异步任务. 异步队列有三种状态:初始化(unresolved),成功(resolved),失败(rejected). 执行哪些回调函数依赖于状态. 状态变为成功(resolved)或失败(rejected)后,将保持不变. 回调函数的绑定可以是同步,也可以是异步的,即可以在任何时候绑定. (本节中的 绑定 注册 增加 具

  • response.setHeader () usage 2010-08-11

    response.setHeader () Download Chinese file name garbage collection problem 1. HTTP header (1) Common header That can be used to request message can also be used to respond to the message, but the content was not related to physical transmission of i

  • Surface questions: What is generic? Generic advantages? Jdk version the difference between? 2010-09-03

    Generic is the Java SE 1.5 new features, is the essence of the generic type parameter, that is the data type of operation is specified as a parameter. This parameter type can be used in classes, interfaces, and methods of creation, the are called gen

  • How to determine whether the existence of Javascript 2011-05-15

    Source: http://www.ruanyifeng.com/blog/2011/05/how_to_judge_the_existence_of_a_global_object_in_javascript.html Of: Ruan Yifeng Javascript language design is not precise enough, many believe it would be wrong. For example, consider the following situ

  • 2012年8月各大编程语言的走势,objective-C 在上升趋势中.. 2012-08-13

    TIOBE Programming Community Index for August 2012 August Headline: Where is C# heading? Microsoft's C# programming language shows a downward trend for 8 months now. What is happening? On the one hand C# is generally recognized as the enterprise langu

  • 响应式Web设计:HTML5和CSS3实战 读书笔记 2013-08-21

    响应式Web设计:HTML5和CSS3实战 Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 By : Pandao pandao####vip.qq.com UpdateTime : 2013-08-21 目录 第1章 HTML5.CSS3及响应式设计入门 第2章 媒体查询:支持不同的视口 第3章 拥抱流式布局 第4章 响应式设计中的HTML5 第5章 CSS3:选择器.字体和颜色模式 第6章 用CSS3创造令人惊艳的美 第7章 CSS3过渡.变形和动画 第8

  • js validation of identity 2009-05-11

    Identity card number of the rules 1,15-bit ID number consists of: ddddddyymmddxxs A total of 15, including: dddddd for the six local code, under which six can get the location of the ID number. yy for two years the code, the identity card holder's bi

  • useful websites for English 2009-11-09

    There are some useful websites for English learners, I'd like to share them with you and hopefully you can use it as self-learning. 1. Pronunciation practice http://international.ouc.bc.ca/pronunciation/ Guidelines: Open the PDF version first, and th

  • developing multi-agent system with jade (3) 2010-04-11

    Payload message Message Message parameters Message Content content Figure 2.6 FIPA message structure under restriction of authorization by the AMS. The life of an agent with an AP terminates with its deregistration from the AMS. After deregistration,

  • JNA - JNI Terminator (1) 2010-07-01

    Reserved Address: http://reeboo.javaeye.com/blog/355387 Introduction To you about a recent visit to the machine code of the Java framework-JNA. JNA (Java Native Access) Framework is an open source Java framework, is a company leading the development