201,005 Baidu algorithm to adjust

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May 2010 Baidu algorithm to adjust some of the following areas:

1, placed on the website a lot of JS or iframe site right down the right.
2, site no original content, articles are all reproduced in the site to enhance the weight slowly.
3, two-way links too, with poor quality sites to link to the right to drop.
4, one-way links to export too much, and is not entitled to a heavy chain to the station to drop the right to prevent links to trading sites, for years the old station moderate export less affected.
5, limits the optimization of keywords ranking new station, this adjustment led to a new site to do optimized keywords ranking floating greater stability of the poor.
6, for some perverse industry site updates slow, ranking on the list, by optimizing the front rank is difficult.

August 2010 Baidu algorithm to adjust some of the following areas:

First, from your point of view the site Baidu

1 is a collection of cycles, especially the new station is a collection of already reduced from the previous month to a week or so.
2, most of the sites included on your page to increase.
3, the new station contains almost no any external links, as long as the content on the line.
4, Updated: daily update is 7-9 points, 5-6 points at the evening, 10-12 points; Wed major update to adjust for the four weekly update 4:00. Large updated a month is 11 and 26, especially 26 to update the maximum rate, K is the highest point. The proposed business stand idle, then every Thursday before the update about the content, diligent, then, is updated daily 3.

Secondly, Baidu ranked side on the key words

1, to further improve their product keywords Baidu ranking, Baidu Baidu their products mainly to know, paste it, Wikipedia and so on.
2, Baidu to give their partners a good key words ranking advantage of 3, Baidu ranking adjustment period is shortened, the original position once a week, now is the ranking order of three or four times a day to adjust. Baidu ranking changes of maternal and infant supplies: No. 2-9-one rankings change frequently. In dozens of sites to observe the ranking found keywords and found that in addition is the first of things, not a stable.
4, different regions and different networks have different positions, such as Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Telecom, Netcom, etc. are not the same rank.
5, the company website ranking ranking priority than personal website. This might be to clean up the special action indecent content sites, small and medium sites are not assured of the reasons it!
6, Baidu ranked the refuse collection point that is not good. Because there are sites to save trouble, use the same template, the results adjusted Baidu, Baidu traffic flow has essentially nothing.
7, weight than the weight of high and low site better. Throughout contact with us, not only in this adjustment does not appear keywords ranked lower, the opposite has improved. This is probably the reason it did evergreen sites.
8, further manual intervention. As long as your site keywords rank higher, past the traffic flow from Baidu, Baidu is possible through human intervention, right down to your site or Baidu your keywords removed to.

September 2010 Baidu latest adjustment algorithm

Baidu am on September 3 was the first update in September, after observation and analysis of multiple sites, the initial simple summary of the following points:

First: From the Baidu website contains aspects of the analysis:

1. Your cycle has been shortened, especially for the new station included, can be said to relax a lot, the new station is required from the previous month or even longer time, and the stone was found to reduce the current 2 hours for new domain names registered can be included.
2. The new site, almost not need to pay attention to the external connections over the quantity and quality, and just try to do a good job of site-content enough.
3. Baidu large update time of adjustment, from the previous Wednesday update, change to Thursday.
4. Baidu, demand for quality is more simple than ever before, most of the site, included significantly increased.

Second: on keywords from Baidu's ranking situation:

1. Baidu further improve their product keyword ranking order, including that, paste it, Wikipedia, etc.; for their cooperation and partner sites the weight is increased a lot!
2. Baidu ranking adjustment period is shorter, from the original position adjusted once a week, and now the ranking of three or four times a day can be adjusted;
3. For some vulgar site approach, and the stone through the analysis of the nature of the site that the company ranked more advantages than the personal website; for a number of refuse collection points, but also increased the intensity of imitation does not stand to be in the rankings.

Third: from outside the chain weights analysis:

1. Baidu on the Forum and blog sites fall into the right connection, the present forum, blog outside the chain will become less so that the;
2. Previous forum signature would be a good source of foreign chains, after this adjustment, the Forum has already signed on Baidu to lose their effect;
3. On the portal site outside the chain weights to strengthen, on the portal outside the chain algorithm to adjust the weights will affect the direction of the work so SEOER;

Fourth: Website deepening internal factors:

1. For the site this Web site advertising pop, Baidu to drop the right to handle;
2. Pages, site content which a lot of JS code right down to the appropriate treatment;
3. Involved in advertising alliance right down the site to be appropriate;
4. For the Links too many sites (10-20 and reasonable), or is indecent site links site, right down to the handle;
5. Exported one-way connection too, right down to the handle; (black chain and connected transactions for the site)

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