2 copies of source flex development

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Note: After a link has many good flex resources

After a period of study, found that:

1 My view is the same as before, or something pure flex do what must be the dominant graphical position as the leading class if the text is something, flex should not be large-scale use

2 to do so for the community category, e-commerce and other Internet applications, flex, or not extreme, the appropriate use of large-scale use does not

3 Future or html-based, flex do subsidiarity, icing on the cake thing, large-scale flex development, both the maintenance and development efficiency and post c + + Yipin, unless you get to do as a purely graphical community, and games, This bargain

Flex 4 is bad when there are state, the maintenance of these states is a very uncomfortable thing, there is a flex if the entire front end to do with the template, then the back end not enjoy the benefits provided by a dime, as in Some jsp nested template friends, some ruby matter, almost completely isolated

site: http://www.javaeye.com/topic/400374

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