¥ ↘ ↙ ¥ individual meter inverted device Liuyang there?

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"Reverse meter individual device" there? 【Q10032599363 Phone 152 ⒎ ⒏ 3744 ⒊ ⒋】 1, apparatus delivery: as far as possible according to user requirements, courier arrived later than three days! ! ! ! 2, the first hit 100 yuan deposit, cash on delivery, our company to provide users with the following documents: 3, detailed instructions note 4, after-sales service commitment: 5 services: fast, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough 6 Service objectives: service quality to win customer satisfaction 7, efficiency: the warranty period or warranty period, such as equipment failure, supplier at short notice, maintenance personnel will be dealt with within 24 hours, 8, service principles: product warranty period 1 year welcome new and old customers to order there? 【Q10032599363 Phone 152 ⒎ ⒏ 3744 ⒊ ⒋】 ordering process: a first name and phone number of your address details to me; 2 and then we will have a bank account to deposit your sink; 3 let us down a deposit shipments; 4, we will give a post-shipment Item convenient for you to post your query there goods, but also easy pick; 5 payment to the Post Office took arrived. 6, we will ship with detailed instructions to you are, please rest assured to buy! Principle: The voltage divider or voltage transformer into a voltage signal can be used for electronic measurement of small signals, or the current transformer with a shunt into the current signal can be used for electronic measurement of small signals, the use of dedicated energy measurement chip transform good voltage and current signals for analog or digital multiplication, and the total energy, then the output frequency and power is proportional to the pulse signal; pulse signal sent after the micro-computer processing of digital display. It may therefore of using force against interference, so the meter down?